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Flotsam is a side goal which can be started when you come across a Spanish merchant boat which was raided by natives. From the Spanish city in the centre of Hispaniola, you have to travel two or three east along the shoreline and you eventually spot it.

The sole survivor of the raid tells you what happened before he breaths out his last breath. Then you have to travel east along the shoreline for about 20-30 footsteps to spot the canoes of these raiders. With medium Tactics, you can either decide to attack the natives from two sides simultaneously or from the hills as one group.

The battle[]

The group of eight raiders consists of one shaman (man-at-arms), three warriors (all recruits), and four trappers (one man-at arms).

The recommended group setup is at least one doctor (man-at-arms), along with two soldiers of at least man-at-arms rank. The three remaining units can either be two scouts and one hunter or the opposite.


Defeating the raiders:

  • 100 experience
  • 2 equipment