Expeditions: Viking Wiki

Fishing Village is an area on the Britannia map. This area is added to the map during The Final Expedition quest, but unlike most areas which are unlocked later, this area isn't visible on the map until the party travels close to it. In order to let the village icon of this area appear on the map, the following should be done.

From Eoforwic (York), travel to the campsite southeast. When you are close to the camp, another one will appear. Head for the second campsite, but before the party reaches the second campsite, this village should be visible.


The raid of the former thegn of Skjern has turned this village into an abandoned ruin on the North Sea coast, with the signs of battle quite clear. Thus, there is litte to do here, except from looting all containers and finishing the Final Expedition.

The most important container to loot is located on the beach beneath some rubble. The rubble can be cleared by simply clicking on it with your mouse cursor. Underneath the rubble you can find the Ancient Shield, which is a high-quality shield and needed for the Last Legionnaire achievement.

And on the graves of the vikings raider who died here, you can find the helmets of two of them.


From the Fishing Village, it takes:

  • 11 hours to travel to Eoforwic
  • 10 hours to travel to Scarborough