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Eydis Asulfsdottir is a shieldmaiden in Skjern and the oldest person to join the thegn's adventures. She is referred to as 'mother' by the other party members. She has two sons and her husband has died a few years ago. She lives on the farm south of the centre of Skjern.

She can be recruited after the prologue when you ask information about the treasures in the old king's tomb for the quest Preparations: Tomb Raider.


Due to her average strenght and perception scores and her lack of finesse, Eydis will not be able to deal high amounts of damage with either melee or ranged weapons, but she can become a good tank-healer with an axe. But in case she isn't taken into combat often, she can become a good camper due to her high Sense score.

Default stats[]

When she joins the party, she has the following statistics and items.

Eydis Asulfsdottir - Default Stats and Equipment
Stat Points
Strength 6
Endurance 10
Finesse 1
Perception 5
Sense 7
Skill points 79
Alvadr's Helmet
Eydis' Clothes
Main hand set 1
Tool axe
Off-hand set 1
Pine shield
Main hand set 2
Hemp sling
Off-hand set 2
Utility slot 1
Utility slot 2
Utility slot 3
Weapon skills
Skill Rank
Axe 1
Bow 0
Dane-axe 0
Knife 0
Shield 2
Sling 0
Spear 0
Sword 0
Unnarmed 0
Offensive skills
Skill Rank
Anticipate Opening 0
Charge 0
Cripple 0
Dual-wielding 0
Feint 0
Interrupt 1
Rebuke 0
Stun 1
Throw 0
Passive skills
Skill Rank
Adrenaline Junkie 0
Avenger 0
Backstabber 0
Blood Thirsty 0
Dodge 0
Evade 0
Fencer 0
Fortune Favoured 0
Good Patient 0
Hardened 1
Keen Eye 0
Lone Wolf 0
Low Profile 0
Night Owl 0
Nimble 0
Opportunist 0
Point Blank 0
Powerful Kick 0
Quick Feet 0
Relentless 0
Sexist 0
Sharpshooter 0
Sneak Attack 0
Steady Hands 0
Stone Fist 0
Strider 0
Thick Skin 1
Walk Your Shots 0
Support skills
Skill Rank
Benediction 0
Galder 0
Healing 0
Leadership 0
Protect 1
Snaring 0
Spot Traps 0
Tactical Move 1
Taunt 0
Witchcraft 0
Utility skills
Skill Rank
Armoursmithing 0
Artisan 0
Crafting 0
Constitution 0
Cooking 3
Diplomacy 0
Guarding 0
Heavy Sleeper 0
Hunting 0
Preserving 2
Repairing 2
Scouting 0
Tinkering 0

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