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Expeditions: Viking Wiki

Like many videogames, Expeditions: Conquistador uses the experience points mechanic to advance unit in their rank, so they may gain new skills, access to better equipment and improve their statistics.

Experience per rank[]

To promote an unit, you need the following amounts of experience points:

  • man-at-arms; 100
  • veteran; 300
  • sergeant; 600
  • Lieutenant 1000

In total, you need 2.000 experience points to promote one unit from recruit into a lieutenant, 1.000 to sergeant and 400 to veteran respectively.

Experience from goals[]

In the table below you can find all goals which give experience points as a reward.

Name goal Type of goal Campaign XP
Jungle Drums Storyline Hispaniola 100 or 150
Tinkering (goal) Storyline Hispaniola 100
Esteban Storyline Hispaniola 200
Menace of the North Coast Storyline Hispaniola 250
The Tournament Side Hispaniola 0 to 150
Flotsam Side Hispaniola 100
Sacrifice Storyline Hispaniola 400
The Gloaming Side Hispaniola 200
Stop the Marauders Side Hispaniola ???
Battle of the Rebels Storyline Hispaniola 100
The Medallion Side Hispaniola 100

Experience from battles random battles and battle encounters[]