All of the music of Expeditions: Viking is composed by Knut Avenstroup Hagen, who has also composed the soundtrack for multiple Conan games and Lords of the Fallen.

How to buy the soundtrackEdit

There are multiple ways to legally obtain the rights to listen to the soundtrack of Expeditions: Viking:

  • If the game is bought on Steam, it can be acquired by buying the Digital Deluxe Edition of the game or by buying the Soundtrack and Art DLC in case the game was bought earlier without DLC.


# Title Length Used in areas, events or other moments
01 Prologue: Through the Mist 2:02 Marsh
02 A Thegn's Burden 1:15 During the speech before you leave Skjern during Vikings.
03 The Ocean Beckons 0:40 Starting screen, during the Vikings quest at Skjern.
04 Hearth of Midgardr 3:33 Skjern
05 Among Kinsfolk 2:15 Ribe
06 Favoured by Thorr 3:15 During battle.
07 Roots of Ygdrassil 2:25 Skjern Forest
08 Beneath the Stars 1:17 At the start of some battles, usually followed up by Odinn's Call.
09 Odinn's Call 3:13 During battle.
10 Wings of the Morrigan 2:49 Orkneyjar
11 Homestead 3:06 Credits, parts of it in Eoforwic (York)
12 Charge of the Einherjar 3:30 During battle. It's also the name of a quest.
13 Vales of Britannia 2:20 Scarborough
14 Heather and Thyme 2:28 Perth
15 Epilogue: Pax Romana 2:49 Legacaestir (Chester), Seahenge, alternate version on Avalon.

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