Expeditions: Viking Wiki
Expeditions: Viking Wiki

Welcome to the Expeditions: Viking Wiki! This is a fan created wiki dedicated to cataloging information from Expeditions: Viking. This wiki is open to anyone who would like to add or edit content, and all we ask is that you spend a few minutes familiarizing yourself with our general editing policies.

Administrators can and will punish users who consistently ignore the rules and will take appropriate action depending on the severity of the infraction as well as history on the wiki.

General Editing

  • Please use proper grammar and spelling when editing.
  • Please use the English language when you are editing.
    • If there is demand for other language wikis, please let us know.
  • Please write with a neutral point of view. Biased statements will be deleted.
  • Please don't write in second person (using the pronoun "you").
  • Do not spam, advertise, vandalize or insert false information on pages.
    • Advertising is an automatic infinite block. No exceptions.
  • Do not insult, threaten, harass, spam, or otherwise make another user feel unwelcomed anywhere on the wiki including mainspace articles, talk pages, and forum posts.
  • Do not make racist, homophobic, elitist, etc. comments anywhere on the wiki.
  • Do not copy and paste information from other sources without properly giving attribution and linking to where the information was found.
    • This includes information found on the steam forums and r/expeditionsviking. Please ask for permission before copying any information.
    • Press releases and patch notes are exempt, but a sourced wiki is still useful.

Creating Pages

Users are welcome to add pages to the wiki, but please follow these guidelines:

  • When creating a page, please first check that there is not a page already created about the topic. Having lots of pages about the same topic will get confusing quickly. You are welcome to add and edit existing pages if you have additional information.
  • Do not create blank pages. There must be a minimum of one coherent sentence or a properly edited info box.
  • Make the page title simple and descriptive. This will aid navigation and search functions.


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