This page lists bugs in Expeditions: Viking

  • Clipping (i.e. objects poking through one another) and typos are not notable. All other bugs are notable.
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  • This is a (partial) list of current and past bugs. For bug reporting, please post on the Expeditions: Viking Steam Forums.

Achievements BugsEdit

Game Mechanic BugsEdit

Graphics and Effects BugsEdit

Hardware or Software Related IssuesEdit

  • In game videos will fail to load, causing the game to crash. This is mostly likely a driver issue. Users are reporting that downloading and installing the K-Lite Codec Pack is solving this issue. If this does not work, disabling video playback is a temporary fix.
  • The Unity reflection probes crash causes the day/night cycle to re-render during camping time lapses. This mostly affects Intel cards, and certain AMD cards. The temporary solution (version: 1.0.4) is to disable the reflection probes. This will make lighting look quite as natural, but it will stop the crashes from occurring.

Location BugsEdit

Menu, HUD, Inventory BugsEdit

Non-player Character Specific BugsEdit

Player Character Specific BugsEdit

Quest BugsEdit