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Expeditions: Conquistador is the first game in the Expeditions game series developed by Logic Artists and published by BitComposer. Set in in the year 1518 A.D. , the player character is placed in the role Capitán of a Spanish expeditionary force to explore America, a conquistador to explore Central America in a history setting void of Hernan Cortéz. The player character can either fill this void and take down the Aztec Empire or take another course in the storyline of the game, while amassing gold, influence and increasing the expedition's strength in the region.

The game is split up into two acts, the first being the Hispaniola act, with the island of Santa Domingo being the stage for the first one. The second act is carried out in modern Mexico, near the region of Yucatan.

Platforms and release[]

The Windows Phone version of the game was released in April 2012. The PC version of the game was released on 30 May 2013 for Windows, Linux and Macintosh. The individuals who participated in the Kickstarter project for its funding, are able to recruit a special character, whereas buyers of the regular version are not being able to do so.


The gameplay involves exploring uncharted lands, with the amount of movement each day being determined by the logistics score and the difficulty of the terrain. Logistics, along with diplomacy, healing, leadership, tactics and survivability, are determined by the player skills and the group composition. At the end of a day, the player character must make a camp, with the available resources and threaths determined by the type of terrain. The player can interact with objects on the map, along with building of towns or villages. The player completes goals (near the same as quests) either through dialogue or through combat.

When it comes to combat, the player character does not participate personally. Instead, the player picks up to six party members, from five different Classes, with differences in abilities for the Spanish members and the Native members. The combat is turn-based combat, with each members from a group being able to move and perform action on a hex grid. During preparation phase, the player is being to select starting positions for combats and use utility items selected before battle.

Their skill are improved by spending Experience points on higher ranks, which unlocks a new ability, improves statistics, increased equipment slots and allows the player to pick a Passive skill of choice.


Players of Expeditions: Conquistador can receive 60 Achievements. See also: Achievements on Steam.


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