Expeditions: Viking Wiki
Expeditions: Viking Wiki

Categories are used to organize information on the wiki. Putting pages of a related topic into a category will aid navigation, search functions and keep an overall nicer, cleaner looking wiki.

General Categories

  • Use English language and spelling.
  • Check to ensure that the category tag does not already exist, and if it does, please use an existing one.
  • Please keep category tags to a single word if possible.
  • Capitalize the category tag (Weapons, not weapons).
  • Do not add categories that do not make sense (Hog-garble-bog-wash)
  • Do not add categories that are self explanatory, or which are so broad that they are no longer helpful (Colours).

Category Pages

At a later date, we may add pages for each category to give a quick description of what it is, and what articles are associated with it. However, this should not be necessary at this time.