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This page can be used to describe the composition of teams for the Hispaniola campaign and the Mexico campaign. Users should use a Heading 2 to start their team composition. A team composition should describe at least how many units of each class should be picked. The statistics of the player character and total score in each statistic are optional.

High tactics and logistics[]

This expedition composition aim to give high score in tactics and logistics, along with decent scores in healing and survival, but diplomacy suffers a bit with this set up.

Stats Capitán Starting expedition members Hispaniola members Total Hispaniola Mexico members Total Mexico
Diplomacy 5 0 0 5 4 9
Healing 4 6 2! 12 2 12
Leadership 8 0 0 8 0 8
Logistics 8 4 or 6 0 12 or 14 2 14 or 16
Survival 5 4 or 6 0 9 or 12 2 11 or 13
Tactics 6 4 2 12 4* 16

The starting team consists of three doctors, two soldiers. The amount of hunters or scouts can be three, depending on the player preferences. For some battles, it can be handy to have three hunters, since they are the best ranged units.

The doctor can fill in the place of scholar when it comes to Tinkering, since a veteran doctor can have the highest score in that trait as well. But the extra doctor means that more injured followers can be healed while camping. This setup can be used for the Mexico campaign as well, but then the third hunter can be traded for a third scout, because if Citlalli and Cacama or Tayanna join the expedition, there will be enough ranged units, while extra logistics and thus movement are always welcome.