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Rhetorics is a skill in Expeditions: Rome, which gives the player character access to dialogue options not otherwise being available and give the players an edge over other options in certain situations. At the start of the game, the player character is given a choice of mastery in a rhetoric style. There are three options, Ethos, Logos and Pathos.

  • With Ethos, the character tries to persuade characters with authority or their abilities to persuade people.
  • Logos is style of rhetoric persuasion which tries to convince people with sound logic and arguments, backed by statistical facts.
  • Pathos is a style which tries to convince people by appealing to their emotions or their fears.

According to the game, it may be possible to master a second style. The Achievements indicate that a second rhetoric style may be learned from Marcus Tullius Cicero

Dialogue options for each style[]



  • During Blood of Jupiter, the player can convince the wine merchant Kallis to sell the special wine to the player for 1300 Denarri instead of 2000, due to the demand for that specific wine being low.
  • After the quest A Menhir for Divitiacus, the player character can obtain information from Tinus how to please the god Esus another way for the quest The End of the Aedui


Historic context[]

These three styles of rhetorics originate from Aristotles' work Rhetorics. A translated book can either be read online or bought at book stores. Read more about this topic here: Rethoric