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Esteban Gallego is the leader of one of the two rebel groups which pose a threat to the control of Hispaniola by the Spanish Crown. He is first met and fought at the silver mines northwest of Santo Domingo during the goal Esteban. No matter the outcome of the victory, he will escape the first attempt by the player character to arrest him.

You will meet him once more during the goal Sacrifice if the survivors of Esteban's group were attacked and defeaten. He wounds one of your followers and kidnaps Isabela de Yruenes to serve as sacrifice to make an alliance with the Caribs. When the sacrificial site is found, he will fight again. This time though, he no longer has much strength left after the fight and his fate depends on the mercy of the player character.

The player character can either let him go, kill him or in case the player acquired a copy of the game by funding at least $30 on Kickstarter, Esteban can be recruited to become a follower.


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  • Esteban Gallego has probably inspired the creators of Expeditions: Viking to create the character Gunnarr the Peaceful, as they have a lot in common. Both are large, muscular men with bald heads and with large beards. They also prefer to fight in melee combat, are the leader of group of fighters and must be beaten both by the player character. The player character can in fact make the same decisions for both characters when they are captured at some point during the storyline.

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