Esteban is a storyline goal which is started after finishing the quest Jungle Drums. Governor De Mendoza wants you to go after the two groups of rebels which are causing trouble on Hispaniola. One of the groups is being led by Esteban Gallego, who is attacking the silver mines of the Spanish crown. As such, it's likely that he will attack the silver mine northwest of Santo Domingo. It takes about four days to travel from Santo Domingo to the mines and there are no villages on the route, so it's adviced to stock up at least eight to ten days of rations.

The minesEdit

When you arrive at the mines, you should go to through all dialogue until the option appears of setting up an ambush (requires medium tactics). Then you can set up traps before the battle starts.

Esteban's group can be attacked from the hills or troops can be placed left of the group. The groups consists of a mix of Spanish and Native units. Esteban himself is a sergeant soldier and there is another veteran soldier. Then there is also a man-at-arms warrior, two men-at-arms trapper and hunter and a recruit hunter to combat with.

In case you attack from the hills, set up three barricades in a way that they nearly block the path except for one hex. The one free hex should have a net trap or spike trap placed in there. Additional traps can be laid in front of the free hex. It's recommended to use two soldiers with the stun skill, at least two hunters and a doctor. The sixth unit depends on the party set-up.


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