'You have arrived in Eoforwic on horseback. In the future, it might be beneficial to be able to sail your longship into the city instead.'
Eoforwic Pier Access is a sidequest that begins upon entering York for the first time during the quest King of Northumbria. You will need to head to the pier to ask for permission in docking your longship in the city. Once there, a conversation will proceed, with a couple dialogue choices and morale changes.

  • Selecting "A warship called the..." gains morale for honourable followers, but loses morale for cunning ones.
  • Selecting "How much will it cost..." loses morale with greedy followers.
  • Selecting "A cargo ship called the..." loses morale for honourable followers.
  • Selecting "Grant docking permission to the..." loses you 5 reputation with Northumbria.

With a diplomacy of rank 3, you can decrease the docking fees from 3000 valuables to 2000. Once you have been granted permission to dock, the quest concludes.

Reward Edit

  • 3 Prosperity
  • Ability to dock your ship in York.
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