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The city of Eoforwic, which is nowadays known as York, is the capital of the Northumbria faction. The city is currently being ruled by Osred II. Upon entering, you will be greeted by a small squad of soldiers being led by Leofric, who is the champion of the city. He requests that the thegn meets the king immediately, but you can convince him that you will meet after doing some business.

Merchants & smith[]

Most of the merchants can be found be found outside the walls of this area.

The smith Sigebrug Wealhstodesdohtor can be found inside the walled section in this area.

Cairn and cross[]

In this area you can find a cairn and a cross. The cairn can be found nearby the spot where you start when the area is entered. From this point, follow the unhardened road and take the first crossroad right to head southeast. You can find the cairn close to the stone fence alongside this path. The cross can be found nears the docks in the western part of this area.


  • Lady Favours can be started by talking to Kyre. She can be found in the party of the city protected by stone walls.
  • The Barghest Cometh can only be started when travelling in this area during the evening and the night.
  • Forbidden Tribute can be started when you come across a farm southeast in the area surrounded by an angry mob of Christians.
  • From the Ashes can be started by overhearing a conversation near the burnt out building on the western side of the city.
  • When you head to the docks, you can find someone called Edgar. If you pay the docking rights for Eoforwic, you can visit this area from the world map.
  • At some point, one of your hirdmen gets pickpocketed by a small girl, which starts the quest Unsavoury Dealings.
  • When the faction has a new king, you can become a bounty hunter by talking to Sicga, who is close nearby the kings hall.
  • After finishing King of Northumbria, you can start the quest Champions League by talking to Leofric before leaving the hall. Since you can't re-enter the hall afterwards, you must talk to the champion right after finishing your conversation.
  • The quest Kingslayer is about conquering Eoforwic. The city will return to normal after the quest is finished.

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