El Dorado is an unofficial side goal which can be completed in Expeditions: Conquistador. From the temple of Protect the Envoy, the expeditions has to travel west even further (three or four days) to find the mythical golden city El Dorado.

The gateEdit

When the city is found, the only entrance to the city is blocked by a closed golden gate and walls. The gate can only be opened by pressing four stone lids in the right order. In front of the gate, there are four pillars which tell a part of the creation of the world and each age of each sun. One of the party members suggests that the gate might be opened by solving this mythology puzzle.

Left and right of the gate, there are figures carved of the gods, with four gods in each part of the wall along with their symbol. This helps the player to pick the right symbol according to the tale. The right symbol has to be pressed according to the tale written on the pillars.

In case the player does not want to solve the riddle, the solution is at the bottom of this page.


In the city, there are four chests to find before hitting the plaza in front of the pyramid. When checking out the plaza, 800 valuables will be gained before a battle must be fought against a group of eleven natives, which consists of two champions, two amazons, three trapper, three warriors and one shaman.

When exploring the pyramid after the battle, 200 valuables and a Golden Spear are found, but then the statue of the god Xipe Totec awakans. The god demands a sacrifice of one follower or the golden spear which was just found. If Gutiérrez's Treasure"is finished by taking Gutiérrez's Banner, that can be offered as well. If no follower or treasure is chosen, then Xepe Totec picks one follower randomly as sacrifice.

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