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Dungeon Crawl is an optional Northumbrian storyline quest which has to be finished successfully to keep the game going. During Ghosts of the Empire, the thegn got arrested by failing to defeat the hyrd or willingly let him- or herself got arrested upon entering Eoforwic (York). Your remaining hirdmen try to rescue the thegn of Skjern from the dungeons of Osred II.

Rescue the thegn[]

While the Thegn of Skjern enjoys the prison life by receiving a moderate laceration to the chest, his/her faithful hirdmen begin the rescue mission. These are your options to make the first battle easier, ordered from less to more fighting:

  • If Roskva the Black is in your party, you can interact with the weak wall on your left and skip the first fight.
  • If the spy from Snakes Among the Trees told you that their beloved ones have been imprisoned, you can free them after dispatching the four guards on the north. The six guards on the south will chase the fugitives.
  • If Roskva is not in your party and you interact with the weak wall, you’ll knock down one of the guards on the south in a scripted event.
  • Just kill everyone.

In the following dialogue, selecting "Let's see if we can expand that..." gains morale for your optimistic followers and loses morale for your pessimistic ones, while "Sounds like a long-shot..." has the opposite effect.

After that, you’ll have to fight the group on the north-east, where the thegn’s cell is located. If Nefja Holmunardottir and Aife are members of the rescue party, they can sneak up to the two guards and kill them, before the others guards grab their weapons. The door to the thegn's cell can be swinged open during the fight. The other captured hirdmembers can be liberated after the battle.

Interact with the cracked wall, loot the crypt and proceed to the next room. The equipment includes an aventail helmet (20 durability), chainmail (65 durability), and pattern-welded single edge sword and spear. You’ll conveniently find yourself in the cathedral, where you can talk with Eanbald to complete Ghosts of the Empire.


  • Regained your freedom.
  • 5 skill points.
  • Opportunity to loot the coffins beneath the church and loot from containers in the dungeon.