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Dun Phris is an area on the Britannia map which added when the quest Fort of the Thicket is started. This quest is all conquering this area for either Northumbria or the Picts, or making an alliance for your own needs.


Cairn, chest, cross and runestone[]

The cairn can be found near the river on a rocky surfuce. Close to it, there is fallen tree. The cross can be found in centre of the town.

You will also notice that there is a large chest on top of the hill near the watchtower. This chest can only be opened by finding a small key. The key can be found on a corpse in the river. Inside the chest you will find the bow Ichaival.

The menhir for The Isle of Apples quest can be found west in the area, south of the starting point in the area.


In case Aiblinn is kept alive, she will serve as the sole merchant in this place.


From Dun Phris, it takes: