Dual-wielding is an offensive skill. Any character can fight with an one-handed weapon in each hand, but the off-hand weapon has a high damage penalty of 50%. With this skill, which is available to characters with at least 4 finesse, the penalty is gradually reduced to the point of having no damage penalty and the wielder gains three skills with dual-wielding.

The main weapon determines which weapon skills can be used with the weapon set. The off-hand weapon can be an axe or a knive and you won't have access to the respective weapon skill in case the main weapon is not of the same type as the off-hand weapon. In order to master this skill, a character needs to invest 45 skill points. The damage which the off-hand weapon has to offer, will be simple added to minimum and maximum damage scores with a damage penalty depending on the rank in this skill. It's not confirmed yet how the critical hit multiplier works. In case of armour piercing, the scores of both weapons will be added up and then divided by two. In case of uneven numbers such as 3, 5, 9, etc, armour piercing will be rounded down to 1,2 and 4 respectively.


Required action

Skill name Description
Hook Slash 3 Full Hook and Slash

Hook and Slash - hit two times. First hit will hit the shield, the next hit will hit the character.

Damage with the off-hand weapon is decreased by 40%.

6 Damage with the off-hand weapon is decreased by 30%.
Parry 9 Attack Parry

Parry - increases the reduction of damage taken and allows you to take an occasional attack in the next turn.

Damage with the off-hand weapon is decreased by 20%.

12 Damage with the off-hand weapon is decreased by 10%.
OneTwo 15


Charges: 2


One-Two is an action that allows you to attack twice, or two different enemies. If the character is being flanked, then both of the opponents will be attacked with an unblockable attack.

The off-hand weapon no longer has a damage penalty.

Total: 45
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