Dialogue Trees Edit

Dialogue Stat Checks Edit

Certain dialogue options will check the player character's main stats against a certain threshold and branch the conversation based on the outcome. These options are marked by the rune of the stat they'll check, and they're prefixed with the name of the stat and the difficulty of the check.

There are three difficulty levels, each corresponding to a range of possible thresholds within which a random number is selected to test against. The difficulty is absolute - it is not relative to your stats. A character with 8 Finesse will always succeed at an Easy or Medium check. The ranges are as follows:

  • Easy: 1-4
  • Medium: 4-7
  • Hard: 7-10

If the player character's relevant stat matches or exceeds the highest number of the range, the check will always succeed. Thus, a character with Sense 10 will always succeed all Sense checks.

If the stat is lower than the lowest number in the range, they are granted a 5% chance to succeed.