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Debt Collector is a sidequest which can be started by talking to Cuthrad near the fort in Legacaestir (Chester). The group under leadership of Cuthrad has constructed a scaffold for the cult, but they haven't been paid for their spent resources and labour. Their contact in the cult was Gaius Aelius. They want you talk to their contact and convince him to pay the outstanding debt of 1000 valuables.

It might be possible to pay 1000 valuables out of your own pocket instead to save yourself some time, though this isn't confirmed yet. Gaius can be found inside the temple, so you have to gain access first. To get access to the temple, see Ghosts of the Empire for more information. Depending on the decisions made in that quest, it can become impossible to complete this one.

When you have access to the sewers, Gaius has set up shop nearby Valerius. You can convince him with 3 diplomacy to pay up willingly. Else you have to use force to do so. The valuable can also be looted from the large chest just behind him.

When you collected the debt, you can return to Cuthrad for your reward.


  • 3 skill points
  • Light broad seax (5-10 damage, 8 armor piercing, 1.4x critical damage multiplier, 18 durability)

Post quest[]

If you are the jarl of Orkneyjar, you can invite Cuthrad and his partners to travel to the islands to work there as craftsmen. Since they lack the resources to travel there on their own, you can assign a hirdman to accompany their travels or give them 240 valuables and 30 rations in case you can't spare one of your men. You will get 3 prosperity when they head towards Orkney, where you will find them next you visit the island. The party member who accompanied them can be found near them.