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This crafting guide is for the crafting of of player made items in Expeditions: Rome. With a schematic and the introduction of unique items in this game, it's possible for the player to craft their own items with unique properties by dismantling those items found during the game. The Unique crafting materials which are also gained when dismantling the items, can then be distributed to other items, with some boundaries depending on the effect.

As such, this guide is to provide example items which can then be crafted.

Unique items[]

See also Unique crafting materials on the subject.

Charm name Property Obtainable from Aplliable item types Dismantling advice
Brilliance of Aegis 50% chance to set Blinded on any attacker who damages your shield in melee, reducing their Accuracy to 3 and imposing a 50% miss chance. Aegis Shields only. Maybe
Alexander's Fearlessness. Upon a critical hit, the target moves three hexes away and could trigger Attack of Opportunity. Alexander's Spear All weapon types.
Martial Determination Ancile Shields only No
Savagery of Archelaus Every attack performed will inflict the status effect of bleeding Archelaus' Sword Dagger, swords Maybe
Bestia's Relentlessness Half of the Focus points spent on the attack is refunded when target is killed. Bestia' Plumata Body armour of any type. Only if needed for another Veles.
Caeso's Ostentanioness Caeso's Galea Helmet of any type.
Caeso's Courage Caeso's Musculata Body armour of any type.
Calida's Prudence When using a skill with charges, there is a 50% chance of restoring them when using them. Calida's Hamata Body armour of any type. Yes
Calida's Deception Grants the wearer Low Profile status if the wearer doesn't kill an enemy for one turn. Calida's Hood Helmet of any type. Yes
Caesar's Foresight Every hit applies the Assayed status effect, which guarantees that the next attack on the same turn will be a critical hit that cannot be resisted. Crocea Mors All weapon types. Yes
Damianos' Arrogance Grants the Ready status if you end your turn adjacent to a character wielding a shield. Damianos' Pike Pikes and staffs only. Maybe
For every two points of movement left at a turn, the wearer gains half the amount of Focus points when the turn is ended. Distinct Roman Galea No
Flames of the Old Kingdom 25% chance of setting enemies on fire. Electrum Khopesh All weapon types. Maybe
Erithia's Amulet
Cat's Grace Feline Pendant Talismans only. Maybe
Vigilance of Eurytus Upon dealing a killing blow with an Interrupt attack, the stance does not end, allowing you to make another Interrupt attack. Eurytus' Bow Bows only. No
Fluffy Talisman
Each hit has a 20% chance to disarm the target. Gladiator's Trident No
Opportunism of Harpe Allow the wielder to perform two Attacks of Opportunity. Harpe All weapon types. Maybe
Izil's Inevibility Arrows shot from this bow are not deflected by shields. Izil's Bow Bows only. No
Mercy of Olyndicus Lance of Olyndicus Pikes and staffs only. No
Meddur's Shield
Resilience of Mithridates Doubles Resistances from other equipment. Mithridates' Crown Helmet of any type. No
+50% damage to Flanked enemies. Occam's Razor Yes, can be assigned to a Veles weapon.
Aura of Courage Gives adjacent allies the status effect emboldened. Parazonium All weapon types. No
The Queen's Ward In each encounter, the first attack which would bring health points below 0, will instead leave the character with 1 hitpoint. Queen's Warden Body armour of any type. Yes, if needed for another type of armour.
Kindness of Ascelpius Every time you kill a character, restore 10% of the maximum health of a random ally. Rod of Ascelpius All weapon types. Yes, can be assigned to a weapon of a damage dealer.
Scipio's Geniusness. Allows the user to take an usused action point to the next turn, starting then with two action points. Scipio Africanus' Helmet Helmet of any type. Yes, if needed for strong or heavy helmet.
Grants the status effect of reaping the first two turns. Then grants the effect with 5% chance every turn thereafter. Spear of Achilles Yes, can be assigned to a weapon of a damage dealer.
Ruthlessness of the Golden Wolf Killing a character on the ground heals you by 15% of your Health Maximum. Spear of the Golden Wolf All weapon types. Yes, can be assigned to a weapon of a damage dealer.
Syneros' Modesty Allows user to apply Bandage without provoking Attack of Opportunity Syneros' Toga Armour? Yes, can be assigned to armour of triarius of medium or heavy type.
Elusiveness of the Traitor Dodge the first ranged reaction attack against you in every round. (Overwatch and Interrupt as example). Traitor's Mail Body armour of any type. Yes, can be assigned to body armour.
Sky Metal All damage from this weapon ignores the target's Armour. Tutankhamon's Dagger All weapon types. Maybe
Warmaksan's Strength There is 20% chance that attacks dealt from this weapon will knock down the enemy. Warmaksan's Staff All weapon types. Maybe
Curse of Nehekbrau Grants the Venom Coated status effect to all allies at the beginning of combat. Was Sceptre All weapon types.
Amazonion Cleave Zairichi's Labrys All weapon types.

Armour crafting[]



In the case of Scipio Africanus' Helmet, it's best to dismantle it for its Unique crafting material to be distributed to another helmet. Even when to given to a Veles with only access to medium armour, a generic helmet of pristine quality of the same ranks, offers the same properties and two random adjustable attributes.

Weapon crafting[]




Adjustable affixes[]


When it comes to Talismans, They have the least different effects avaible for offensive and defensive goals. However, they have the advantage of applying these affixes all offensive-orientated affixes to all weapons, including for the Unarmed skills. As the effect amount is usually the same as weapons, it is therefore better to apply effects to the talisman, due to offering the bonus to all equipped weapons, instead only the weapon with the effect. This is for the following effects:

  • Accuracy, for bows (when equipping two bows)
  • Base minimal damage
  • Base maximum damage.
  • Critical hit chance
  • Critical hit damage.


Every generic weapon has adjustable affixes depending on the quality, but the unique weapon have between 0-5 affixes. As there is only affixed to be adjusted, it should be done in the following order when they are the same number:

  • Extra damage (no damage type specified). Increase minimal and maximum damage for all kinds of damage.
  • Extra damage type. This will always increase both minimal and maximum damage, as long as it matches the weapon skill type.
  • Extra Maximum damage. This will increase damage output and enlarges room for base damage minimal effects for all types of damage. This affix can better be applied to a talisman.
  • Base damage minimum, this will increase minimal damage. Minimal damage is better than critical damage, which happens, depending on the chance, usually less often. However, if the boost makes it higher than the maximum damage, it's still limited by the maximum damage.
  • Critical damage, the amount of additional damage dealt when a critical hit is inflicted.

More good and pristine salvage loop[]

Whether it's an unintented or intended oversight by the developers, it is possible to gain more Good salvage and Pristine salvage by crafting certain equipment and then dismantling it the moment it is retrieved from the box near the forge in the Legion Outpost. The only disadvantage of this process is that a Praetorian is occupied and can't accompany the player character as often on their travels.

This is currently possible with the following items: