Expeditions: Viking Wiki
Expeditions: Viking Wiki

This page explains the game controls and shows the default controls configuration. The controls can also be viewed by opening the pause menu. Select Options and then click on Controls. All the default controls can be changed.

Exploration controls[]

Control First input Second input Explanation
Activate Space
Up W UpArrow
Down S DownArrow
Left A LeftArrow
Right D RightArrow
Rotate left Q
Rotate right E
Highlight all LeftAlt Highlights all objects and NPC's with which the player character can interact. This can save you quite some time looking for lootable containers. Can also be used during combat.
Camera follow The camera follows the party while they move.
Quick save Make a savefile when you press the button.
Quick load Loads a savefile when you press the button
Area map M Opens the area map.
Homestead U Opens the homestead management screen.
Inventory I Opens the inventory management screen.
Objectives O Opens the (quest) objectives management screen.
Party stats P Opens the party management screen.
Codex L Opens the codex screen.
Tracks quest The game will show you yellow and blue markers for the specific quest on the map and while you explore the area.
Debug console
Pause Menu ESC ESC also closes all management screens.

Dialogue controls[]

During dialogue, you can rotate the camera and tracks quests. Dialogue options can be choosen by pressing the corrosponding number key or by clicking on them with the mouse button.

Control First input Second input Explanation
Activate Space
Choice 1 1
Choice 2 2
Choice 3 3
Choice 4 4
Choice 5 5
Choice 6 6
Choice 7 7
Choice 8 8
Choice 9 9
Choice 0 0

Combat controls[]

During combat, you can use all camera commands, highlight all objects, track quests and the skills can be activated by using the corrosponding number on your keyboard. But since the numbers aren't visible on the skills bar, it takes some time before you can activate skills without any mistakes.

Control First input Second input Explanation
Toggle non-lethal Z Switches between lethal mode and non-lethal mode
Switch weapon sets X
Info panel V The info panel shows you all information about an unit in battle.
Cycle characters Tab Switches which party member you command.

Looting and miscellaneous controls[]

Control First input Second input Explanation
Activate Space
Screensho F12 Makes a photo of what is currently shown on the screen.