Expeditions: Viking Wiki
Expeditions: Viking Wiki

This page explains the game controls and shows the default controls configuration for Expeditions: Rome. The controls can also be viewed by opening the pause menu. Select the Controls menu to open it.


When it comes to controls, its essential to learn the camera controls first and then highlight button.

In case the player gains the facilities in the Legion Outpost to craft armour and weapons and modify them, it's handy to memorise the quick-load and quick save button, when going for an optimal outcome for one or multiple items in succession.


Action First button Second button Explaination
Camera follow character F
Camera rotation Middle mouse button
Rotate camera clockwise X
Rotate camera anti-clockwise Z
Reset camera angel R Resets camera view to original position.
Quickload F9
Quicksave F5
Skip dialogue Enter
Toggle highlights Left-Alt Highlights all interactable objects. This can be useful for many purposes.
Loot all There is a a default setting in the game which allows the player to loot all slain near the selected foes with one selection
Track quest T
Stats panel U
Skills panel G
Inventory panel I
Quest journal J
Outpost Management O
Triage Panel H
Claim Twitch Care Panel C
End turn End
Swap Target Tooltip E
Swap Weapon Set Q
Cancel Current Action C
Next character Left and right arrow
Previous Character CtrL + Arrow
Select character 1 Ctrl + 1
Select character 2 Ctrl + 2
Select character 3 Ctrl + 3
Select character 4 Ctrl + 4
Select character 5 Ctrl + 5
Select character 6 Ctrl + 6
Select character 7 Ctrl + 7
Select character 8 Ctrl + 8
Select character 9 Ctrl + 9
Weapon skill 1 1
Weapon skill 2 2
Weapon skill 3 3
Class skill 1 4
Class skill 2 5
Class skill 3 6
Class skill 4 7
Class skill 5 8
Class skill 6 9
Tactical item 1 0
Tactical item 2 -
Tactical item 3 =