'The sons of Erlingr Thorgislsson attacked your feast. His family poses a serious threat to your rule.'
Cleaning House is a storyline quest which activates immediately after Something To Prove. The objective is to travel to the Erlingr's Farm to exact your revenge upon them, whether mercilessly or with mercy.

Upon arriving at the farm and talking with Erlingr, you will be asked to make a choice. Sparing them, exile, or death.


Sparing the lives of the family and farmhands may seem like the best choice, but it'll show you as being weak to the Hird.

You will lose 5 power and 10 reputation among your clansmen if you choose this route.

Exile Edit

If you choose to exile him, you will have the option of using a diplomacy or sense choice, both leading to the same conclusion. You can also allow the women to stay and tend the farm.

Choosing this route leads to no gain/loss in power or reputation.

Killing Edit

If you choose to kill them all, you will be in for a fairly long battle, but it shouldn't pose too much of a problem at this early stage of the game.

If you choose to use the Finesse choice, your honourable followers will lose morale, while your cunning followers will gain it. This choice will also start the battle and leads to you killing everybody.

You can also select to kill only Erlingr and his sons, sparing the women. This leaves you the option of letting the women carry on tending the farm after the quest, or to exile them.

You will gain 10 reputation among your clansmen if you choose this route.

Reward Edit

  • 5 Skill Points
  • Possible loss/gain of 10 Clansmen reputation.
  • A fairly good shield and 'spear' among the loot on the farm.
  • Unlocks the quest The Northmen's Raid.

Exiling the entire family or killing everyone will unlock an option to move some kids, The Rats, onto the farm in a later quest.