Expeditions: Viking Wiki
Expeditions: Viking Wiki

Classes in Expeditions: Conquistador determine to which skills an NPC has access to from the start and may gain later and it sets the scores of properties such as movement, damage and the starting scores for tasks. This is different from Expeditions: Viking, in which the score in five primary stats determines to which skills characters have access to and determines the score of secundary stats.

Overview of all classes[]

In the table below, an overview can be found of all classes and their properties.

Class Origin Base melee damage Base accuracy



Base defense Armour Movement Leader skill bonus Guarding Patrolling Hunting Tinkering Herbalism
Amazon Native 35 80% sp, bo 15% 5 slots 6 hexes ?? 0 6 6 0 0
Champion Native 35 30% ma, bl 20% 20 slots 4 hexes Tactics 6 4 2 0 0
Civilian Native 05 20% bl 0% 5 slots 4 hexes Diplomacy 0 0 6 6 6
Doctor Spanish 10 30% ar or bo 0% 5 slots 6 hexes Healing 0 0 2 4 6
Hunter Spanish 10 80% ar or bo 15% 10 slots 6 hexes Survival 2 2 6 2 0
Scholar Spanish 10 30% ar 0% 5 slots. 6 hexes Diplomacy 0 0 2 6 4
Scout Spanish 30 0% sw 15% 10 slots 8 hexes Logistics 4 6 2 0 0
Shaman Native 10 0% 0% 5 slots 6 hexes Healing 0 0 2 2 8
Soldier Spanish 25 40% sw or po,

ar or bo

25% 20 slots 4 hexes Tactics 6 4 2 0 0
Trapper Native 10 80% bo 15% 10 slots 6 hexes Survival 2 4 6 0 0
Warrior Native 25 50% ma, bo 15% 10 slots 8 hexes Logistics 4 6 2 0 0


Leader skill bonus: every expedition members gives a +2 bonus in the specific skill.

Weapons Access to daggers is not mentioned in the table, since all classes have that weapon as standard weapon. Any weapon which is not gained as default for a NPC, can be gained by spending one passive skill on it, with the expection for ranged weapons for Scout and Shaman.

Access to weapons is in general determined by origin and not by class, expect for scouts and shamans, who both lack access to ranged weapons. See combat for more information.

  • ar: arquebus
  • bo: bow
  • bl: blowgun
  • ma: macuahuitl
  • po: pole-arm
  • sw: sword
  • sp: spear


Every unit has access to these three basic skills which can be used during combat. Only shamans and scouts can't use Interruption due to not having access to ranged weapons.

Image Name Effect Action
Tactical Retreat Allows the unit without setting of traps or triggering attacks of opportunity. Attack
Interrupt When the unit is wielding a ranged weapon, interrupt allows the unit to attack the enemy when they are within six hexes ranged of the unit. Attack
Spot traps Allows the unit to spot traps and still use an attack action, but this will half the amount of current movement hexes available.

Officer skills[]

While any class can become a sergeant or even a leuitenant, the amount of expeditions members that can gain these ranks are limited to two and one unit respectively. These rank give the Capitán also a bonus of +3 and +8 (3+5) to leadership when expeditions members are healthy and present in the expedition. This is the only way to boost leadership and increase the maximum possible morale for expedition members.

Image Name Effect Action Cooldown
Smokebomb (Sergeant) Smokescreen gives an unit standing in the middle of the smoke partial cover for ranged attacks. The smoke will stay for three turns. Attack 3 turns



All allied units move three hexes toward the leuitenant and ignore attacks of opportunity. Attack ? turns


For every type of unit, there a few weapons to choose from, with some weapons being restricted to natives and some to Spanish. Each weapon adds damage to melee or determines the ranged damage of the unit and weapons have a certain critical hit multiplier. In case of ranged damage, it also determines the point from which accuracy is starting to receive larger penalties.

Damage with weapons can be improved by allocating equipment to units and there a some passive skills which improve damage under specific circumstances, but you will not find any items which can be classified as weapon and can be given to troops to boost damage or give other beneficial properties in combat.

Melee weapons[]

Name Origin Damage Critical hit multiplier Other
Dagger All +10 points. 2x
Sword Spanish +15 points. 1.5x Shield gives 25% chance to block 25% damage.
Pole-arm Spanish +20 points. 1.25x
Macuahuitl Native +15 points. 1.5x Shield gives 25% chance to block 25% damage.
Spear Native +15 points. 2.0x

Ranged weapons[]

Name Origin Damage Critical hit multiplier Range
Arquebus Spanish 35 2x Medium range, large accuracy penalties starting around 10 hexes.
Blowgun Native 20 2.5x Short range
Bow All 25 2x Long range