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This page is for all the skills in Expeditions: Rome. Due to the Class system in Rome, most of the skills are distributed to a class, which is far as known, determined at the start without opportunities to make changes. The passive skills pool accessable to most classes, as it was in the two predessors of this game, is gone. They are know part of the class skill columns.

The novelty is in this game is the introduction of weapon skills being decided to the wielded weapon, dual-wielded weapon or weapon and shield combination, thus as long as the classes have access to a certain weapon type, they are able to gain access to the skills. Due to the amount of skills, that will be described in detail on Weapon skills. There are also Unarmed skills, which are explained on their own page.

Class skills[]

Each class has three specialisations, which consists of two columns each with four skills each, which are a mix of passive and active skills. Some skills have a second tier or more rarily, a third tier, which upgrades the effects. Each skill colums has four layers, the first layer is available from the start, the second one is available when one point is invested, the third layer after investing four points and the fourth and final layer after seven points. This means that two, five and eight skills respectively are required to invest for access to a layer and a desired skill.

These skills points are unlocked by leveling up, which is done by earning Experience points. Skill points which are invested cannot be returned and it's not possible to relocate skill points at some point in the game. The following levels are obtainable in the campaigns:

  • Level 7-8 at the end of the first act.
  • Level 12-15 at the end of the second act
  • Level 16-19 at the end of the third act
  • Level 16-20 at the end of the fourth act.



Skill name Type Description
Brace Active Regain 2 stacks of strong. For each stack, 25% of the character's Shield strength is restored at the beginning of the turn. One stack is lost for every hit. Also applied deflecting, which allows to deflect the next melee attack.

Upgrade: Regain 4 stacks of strong.

Fortress Passive Brace restores 1 armour point per stack of strong.
Protect Active All direct damage dealt to friendly unit adjacent unit will be halved and shared between princeps and target.

Armour is applied seperately and resistance rolls are separate as well.

Guardian Angel Passive Protect now redirects Status effects towards the protecting character.
Second column
Bastion Passive +10 to all resistances. Maximum resistance increased from 50% to 60%.
Repair Active Applies jury rigged to princep for two turns. Immune to status effects which affect shields.

Removes shield-broken, exposed and sundered. Charges: 3.

Bulwark Passive While the character has a working shield, they count as cover as well. Upgrade increase it high cover.
Shield Wall Active Applies Shield Walled and Exhausted. Then restores Shield Strength to full. Shield walled increases Shield Strength Maximum to 250% and exhausted removes all strong stacks. Charges: 1.


Skill name Type Description
Hardened Passive Increases maximum health by 10%. Upgrade increases it to 20%.
The Best Defense Passive 20% shield damage at full Shield strength. Upgrade increases it to 40%, with second upgrade boosting it 60%.
Taunt Active Forces an enemy to attack the taunting character at the start of their turn. Range: six hexes.
Bull Rush Active Shield bludgeoning damage. Move in a straight line, knocking down enemies and allies alike. Charges: 1
Second column
Frighten Active -10 morale to all enemies within range. 2 Hex radius of effect.
Flawless Defence Active

Charges: 3

Applies defending status to princeps, increasing all resistance to the highest value of them all.

Maximum resistance is improved 10%, but costs three movement. Upgrade increases maximum resistance by 15%. Requires no action point. Charges: 3.

Adrenaline Junkie Passive +50% damage when Health is less than 50% of Maximum Health.
Avenger Passive When an ally is incapacitated or killed, Shield Strength is restored to full and damage is increased by 20% for the rest of the battle.


Skill name Type Description
Nimble Passive Lowers movement penalty incurred by light or heavier armor by -1. Upgrade increases it by -2.
Headbutt Active Unarmed damage. Sets movement to 0 of the attacker. Applies weakened to the attacked. If target is already weakened or harried, it be stunned instead. Charges: 3.
Battering Ram Passive +1 base damage to equipped shields in all conditions. Upgrade increases it to +3, thus +4 in total.
War Cry Active Applies stunned to enemies in one hex radius. Upgrade increases area of effect to two hexes. Charges: 1
Second column
Knockdown Active

Charges: 2

Unarmed damage. Applies knockdown.
Opportunist Passive Attacks of opportunity now apply weakened effect as well. Upgrade gives the stun status.
Stand Fast Active Standing fast effect applies to allies in 2 hex radius for two turns, making them immune to crippled, stun, stuck and knock down. Also removes to those status effect (and restoring their action point for some status effects).
Immoveable Passive Grants immunity from being moved by rebuke, shove, Shield Push, Push and Shove, Repulse and Counter-Advance.



The marksman specialisation is specialised in defending ground, with attacks such as interrupt and with the skill of rebuke, allows the archer to fend off melee fighters. With steady hands and point blank, it makes an unit a dependable critical hit maker around half-way the game when picking this specialisation as the first one to develop.

Skill name Type Description
Interrupt Active Archer attacks next target which moves in 120 degrees cone in front of it, will deal slighty more damage than normal.

Range is 12 hexes. Upgrade increases cone angle to 160 degrees.

Vigilant Passive Increases amount of shots from interrupting from one to two attacks.
Gracing shot Active Applies gracing to self. The next ranged attacks deal slashing damage, but with 33% less accuracy and attacks will shred one armour. Upgrade increases shredding to two points.
Steady Hands Passive 100% critical chance for all ranged reaction attacks (Interrupt and Overwatch).
Second column
Point Blank Passive 100% critical chance for all ranged attack to adjacent opponents.

Provokes Attack of Opportunity.

Rebuke Active 3 bludgeoning damage. Pushes target one hex away, if there is space behind.

Upgrade doubles damage.

Powerful Kick Passive Rebuke will now also apply knocked down.

Upgrade increases will apply tactical effect to the archer.

Overwatch Active

Charges: 1

Evey time an enemy attacks an ally within range, archer shoots the enemy. Can target each enemy only once.

Weapon damage. Area of effect is 6 hexes. Deflected by shield.


The hunter specialisation gives the archer the ability to inflict status with passive skills pinning shot and find weakness, abilities to deal multiple attacks with quick shot and barrage, while also giving the unit more damage for both melee and ranged attacks.

Skill name Type Description
Quick Shot Active Shoots two arrows at two targets with -30% accuracy (less range and possible damage) and 30% chance to miss.

Weapon damage, deflected by shields.

Lure Active

Charges: 2

Bludgeoning damage (unarmed?). Prevents target from using cover with lured effect. Range 6 hexes.
Pinning shots Passive All ranged hits within two hexes apply crippled effect. Upgrade increases range to four hexes.

Second upgrade changes the effect to stuck, making targets unable to move.

Barrage Active

Charges: 1.

Every time the archer shoots a target, they regain their action point. Accuracy is reduced by 33%. Last one turn only.
Second column
Versatile Passive Performing an attack applies versatile. When dealing melee damage, next ranged attack will deal +50% extra damage and reversed.

Upgrade also adds one armour penetrating, ignoring one point of armour.

Skirmisher Passive Versatile has 100% critical chance when previous attack killed target.
Arrow Stab Active Weapon damage. Attack target at half damage and inflict bleeding. When flanked, targets also becomes stunned.
Find weakness Passive Applies find weakness to archer every turn. Next attack will inflict the effect Bleeding, weakened or harried.


The sniper specialisation gives the Sagittarius skills to deal long range attacks at full damage, with skills such as ranging shot, marksman and walk your shots

Skill name Type Description
Ranging shot Active Applies spotted effect in two hex radius. Spotted targets while receive full damage, despite distance. Allows you to find invisible enemies and breaking their invisibility for two turns.
Spotter Passive Ranging shots now shoots two arrows at choosen spots.
Eagle Eye Active The character next ranged attack ignores the target's shield strength, which can't be resisted.
Seize ground Passive Start combat with double movement for the first two turns. Killing a target further away than 12 hexes replenishes a charge of a random skill.
Second column
Marksman Passive +2 accuracy and thus range. Upgrades increases it to +4.
Mark target Active Applies marked effect to target up to ten hexes. Spotted character can be targeted at any range. Next ranged attack will deal 25% damage. If killed by a ranged attack, the status effect will jump to the next target.
Walk Your Shots Passive +2 optimal range. Does not affect maximum range. Upgrade increases it another +2 and second upgrade by 6 in total.
Assist Active Weapon damage. Target provokes attack of opportunity, like they have moved. Nearby allies may then attack. Charges: 3.



Skill name Type Points Description
Field Medic Passive Action +25% more health restored when healing.

Upgrade: 50% more health restored when healing.

Cure Active Action

Charges: 2

Cure: removed the Status effects bleeding, burned, burning and poisoned.
Good as New Passive N.a. Cure now also restores 25% health per status effect restored.
Interference When any enemy in this character's reach attacks an ally, this character may perform an attack of opportunity. Untrained units killed with in enemy turns don't give an extra action point.
Second column
Logistics Active Action

Charges: 3

Increases movement of allies by two ponts in 3 hex radius for two turns.

Upgrade: increases movement by three points and radius by 4 hexes.

Poisoner Passive N.a. 5% chance that any attacks inflict Poison.

Upgrade: Increases chance to 10%.

Revive Passive Action

Charges: 3

Bring an incapacitated ally back in action with 25% health.

Revived character may move, but does not have any action point on that turn.

Provokes attack of opportunity. Upgrade: increases health to 50%.

Curse Active Action

Charges: 1

Apply the effect weakened on multiple enemy in a 6 hex radius.


Skill name Type Points Description
War Horn Active Action

Charges: 3

Boosts damage of allies by 25% for two turns in four hex radius.

Upgrade: Effect lasts three turns.

?? Passive N.a. Downing an enemy grants +3 morale for allies within three hexes.

Upgrade: morales increases by +5.

Ruse Active Action

Charges: 2.

Ruse: All enemies within the area of effect will move out of the area.

Range, 8 hexes, 1 hex radius (7 hexes in total).



Passive N.a. Ruse now also lowers morale by -10 of the enemies within the hexes.

Upgrade: morale descreased by -20.

Second column


Passive N.a. You gain bolstering presence, which grants all adjacent allies the effect bolstered.

This allows them to not fail morale checks.

Inspire Active Action

Charges: 3

Grants an ally who has spent their action point, a new one.

Provokes attack of opportunity. Range: 8 hexes.

Orator Passive N.a. Inspire does now also reset the cooldown of skills of the ally.
Rousing speech Active Action

Charges: 1

Restore 15 health or 25% of the total health of allies in a 6 hex radius.

Upgrade: increase charges to 2.


Skill name Type Points Description
Deathblow Active Action Strike which deals 50% additional damage against, stunned, knocked down, and sundered characters.

Upgrade: extra damage is also applied to stuck and crippled enemies.

Shredder Passive N.a. Increases armor shredding by one point for staves and pikes.
Reckless Active Action

Charges: 2

Reckless effect applied for two turns, which increases base damage by 25% and armour shredding by one point.

No resistances, cannot use tactical weapons.

Upgrade: increases base damage by 50%.

Sunder Active Action

Charges: 2

Sets the charachter's shield strength to 0 before dealing damage.

Attack cannot be resisted (except hunkering down). Applies sundering effect.

Second column


Passive N.a. Increases critical hit chance by 5%.

Upgrade: increases chance by 10%.



Active Charges: 3 Half damage weapon type attack which cripples enemies, does not shred armour.

Range: 1 or two 2 hexes, depending on item.



Passive N.a. You no longer trigger attacks of opportunity when moving around enemies.

Only when disengaging from combat.

Finisher Active Action Attacking an enemy who is stuck, knocked down or stunned, restores health by 10%.

Killing them restores the action point and resets the deathblow skill.

Upgrade: restores 20% health.


The Veles is the damage dealer, with skills suited for that purpuse. The Veles has many skills which require Focus points instead of action points and there is a skill which grants an action points. In short, the Veles has skills which promote dealing multiple attack


Skill name Type Description
Cheap shot Active Applies Savage to self. Next attack will be a critical hit. Costs 2 Focus points.
Assassinate Passive +40% damage against enemy leaders (every character with laurels in their portrait).
Focus Master Passive Increases Focus Maximum by 1 point. Upgrade increases it by one point, two points in total.
Rush Active Restore action point. Costs 6 focus. Charges: 2.

Upgrade decreases focus cost to 5 and amount of charges to three.

Second column
Lone Wolf Passive Critical chance is doubled and dodge rate increased by 20% percent points when allies are six more hexes away from Veles.
Sneak Attack Active Damage off-hand weapon/Unarmed. Generates one focus. Sneak attack deals +50% damage first two turns.

Upgrades increases damage to +100%.

Marathon Passive Applies inexhaustibel to self, which grants unlimited movement until charachter stops moving.
First strike Passive Increases damage to targets with full health by 50%.


Skill name Type Description
Shiv Active Makes a quick off attack at half damage which does not require action points. Costs 3 focus.
Bloodthirsty Passive Killing an enemy grants one stack of Bloodthirsty. Increases damage by 5%. Upgrade increases it with 15%. Max stacks is two, thus 30% extra damage in total.
Kill on Ground Active Finish off an incapitated enemy and inflict -10 morale on nearby enemies. 5 hex radius. Costs 2 focus, no action point. Charges: 3.
Quick-witted Passive Increases focus points gained by dealing attacks by one point.
Second column
Born ready Passive Grants 4 focus points at the start. 8 with the first upgrade and 12 with the final rank.
Dodge Active The next attack against the character has 50% chance to miss and results in not dealing damage or status effects when dodged. Costs 4 focus.
Slippery Passive Dodge will last until the beginning the of character next turn instead of the end of the first attack.
Duel Active Calls out a specific enemy, making you next attack more powerful and inflict stunned and bleeding effect.

Range, 12 hexes. Costs one action point, 1 charge and two focus. Charges: 1.


The brawler branche has a few skills for unarmed skills, along with plenty skills suited for armed combatants.

Skill name Type Description
Tactical advance Active Character will not incur opportunistic attacks while moving.

Costs 3 focus. Upgrade increase movement points by +2 and activation of traps.

Clear Path Passive Upon killing target, replenish 2 movement points for nearby allies and itself. 2 hex radius area of effect.
Pugilist Passive +1 focus per attack when using unarmed skills.
Reaper Active With this effect active, Veles restores action point when killing an enemy, resets skills and restores movement. Costs 2 focus. Charges: 1.
Second column
Pankration Passive Increases unarmed damage by 100%.
Feint Active Move through a hex occupied by an enemy, ending up in the hex behind them. Requires one movement, no action points. Usable on friendly character as well.
Boast Active Applies boasting. When killing an enemy, allies gain +10 morale. When failing to do so, all enemies gain +10 morale. Costs 2 focus. Upgrade grants effect of savage when successfull.
Heavy skirmisher Passive First rank enable the wearing of strong armour, the second rank lowers the movement points by -1 for all body armour.