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Characters are the inhabitants of the world. Characters can be divided into: the player character, recruitable characters, non-recruitable characters and mentioned-only characters.

Player Character[]

The character who the player creates at the beginning of a new game, the thegn of Skjern. This is the character who is controlled during all dialogue options and stat checks.

Recruitable Characters[]

These characters have the option to join the player's hird. Not all characters are guaranteed to join the hird automatically. Instead, they must be convinced during dialogue and by certain actions that the player character chooses during quests.

Then there's the quest to fill your hird with mercenaries. They cannot be described here, because they are made by the player. See the pages Preparations: A Motley Hird and Monsters in the Marsh for detailed information. Nefja and Ketill are the only hirdmembers which are the source of a quests in the game and unlike all other characters from Denmark, they can't be removed in order to create an empty slot for a mercenary.

Denmark Campaign[]

Britain Campaign[]

Non-Recruitable Characters (portraits available)[]

These characters inhabit the world, but can never join the hird. Instead, they can be the source of quests, additional dialogue, and/or act as merchants.

Character merchants, etcetera (no portraits available)[]

These characters are named but lack a portrait. Some merchants can have a substantial influence in the game and give some quests as well.

Mentioned-only Characters[]

These characters are mentioned during dialogue, but do not actually appear in game.

Character Roles[]

Each character can be given a role within the hird. Ensuring synergy within the hird can be the key to success on higher difficulties. Roles may be combat focused, or be designed to be of greater assistance while camping. Only five characters will ever be able to accompany the player character during combat, so having some hird-men who are more support oriented is recommended. However, at higher difficulties, a greater roster depth is recommended, as injuries and wounds become more common.

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