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Character traits determine how party members react to decisions taken by the player during the game. Character traits have a large influence on the morale of party members. The five companions have fixed character traits, its uncertain whether this is true for the Praetorians.

Beside character traits, each character also has perks. This may be effects for only useful for the character, but it may also include perks useful for the party or during Legion battles.

Character traits[]

Character trait Opposing trait May conflict with traits Notes
Arrogant Humble Likes to assert superiority
Classist Prefers only to help people of their own class.
Conciliatory Warmonger Likes actions that displays openminded ness and learning from other cultures
Cunning Honest Approves of action involving deception and trickery.
Greedy Generous Honest, humble Likes to hoard resources and doesn't shy away from morally questional methods of acquiring them.
Generous Greedy Classist? Gives resources to those lest fortunate
Hedonistic Stoic Likes to party and have a good time
Honest Cunning Values openness and truthfulness
Humble Arrogant Approve of being aware of your short comings.
Prideful Humble
Sexist Humble Dislikes when you treat the opposite sex as equals.
Stoic Hedonistic
Skeptical Superstitious Likes to question or disregards the gods.
Superstitious Skeptical Doesn't doubt existance of gods and things supernatural.
Warmongering Conciliatory Prefers aggressive action an words, never shy away from a fight.


Perk name Useful to whom Effect perk Restrictions
Agreeable PC Whenever dialogue is choses that fits the other two character traits, the character will gain double morale. None
Architect Group Reduces the amount of time needed by 20% to develop new Stratagems or create objects for one-use stratagems.
Ascetic Group The character skips one meal each day, thus consumes only two Rations instead of three
Cautious Army Increases defenses by 20%, but reduced army agression by 10%. Praetorian
Constitution Group The individual is able to stall the deterioration of wounds by some time.
Crafty Group Reduces crafting time by 20% when assiged to the armoury to craft items.
Doctor Group Allows the character to cure certain type of wounds.
Ethos PC Gives access to rhetorical style dialogue convincing by skill or authority. Player character
First aid Group Prevents the wound from deteriotating further, but does not cure it.
Freeloader Group Reduces the amount of time for a free replenish at the speculatore table by 20%.
Logos PC Gives access to rhetorical style dialogue convincing by using logic. Player character
Medicus Gives commanders with this trait 10% higher chance of letting legionaires become injured over death.
Pathos PC Gives access to rhetorical style dialogue convincing by using emotion. Player character
Physician Group Allows to cure certain type of wounds. Triarius
Reckless Army Opposite of cautious. Increases army agression by 20%, but reduces defenses by 10%. Praetorian
Recruiter Group Increases chance by 20% to recruit a potential Praetorian the same level as the player character, restricted by centurion tent level.

See Legion Outpost for more information.

Scavenger Group
Scout Group Increases movement speed on of the group by 5% Saggitarius or Veles?
Self healer Group Character is being able to treat her/his own injuries.
Social Army Character is able to improve army morale by being assigned to the baths. Every 32 hours, character increases army morale by 4 points. Princeps?