Character traits determine how party members react to decisions taken by the player during the game. Character traits have a large influence on the morale of party members. Whereas the character traits of pre-made party members are set, the character traits of mercenaries are randomly picked. You can see the characters traits after the mercenary is created  when looking in the skills menu.

Character traits[edit | edit source]

In this table below, you can find information on which traits oppose each other and examples of actions which are inline with the character trait.

Character trait Opposing trait Conflicts sometimes with traits: Example actions
Aggressive Peaceful
Altruistic Greedy
Conceited Open-minded Cunning
Cooperative Independent
Cunning Honourable
Greedy Altruistic
Honourable Cunning Conceited
Open-minded Conceited
Optimistic Pessimistic
Peaceful Aggressive
Pessimistic Optimistic
Skeptical Superstitious
Superstitious Skeptical

Traits per character[edit | edit source]

In the table below you can find which traits every party member has.

Character name Aggressive or Peaceful Altruistic or Greedy Cooperative or Independent Conceited or Open minded Cunning or Honourable Optimistic or Pessimistic Skeptical or Superstitious
Aife Peaceful Altruistic Cunning Superstitious
Asleifr Grimvardarson Aggressive Cooperative Conceited Pessimistic
Eydis Asulfsdottir Altruistic Cooperative Conceited Honourable
Gunnarr the Peaceful Aggressive Greedy Open minded Optimistic
Ketill Kolbjarnarson Peaceful Greedy Cunning Optimistic
Morcant Peaceful Altruistic Open minded Skeptical
Nefja Holmunardottir Aggressive Independent Honourable Skeptical
Roskva the Black Greedy Independent Cunning Superstitious
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