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This page is about the process of creating characters in Expeditions: Viking. The player has to create the Thegn of Skjern at the start of a new game and create mercenaries who will accompany the thegn for the rest of the game. Depending on the decisions made during the prologue and the first act, you have up to seven hirdmen slots available to mercenaries. For the quests about getting access to mercenaries, see Preparations: A Motley Hird and Monsters in the Marsh.

If you are looking for character build strategies, click on the internal link.

The process of creating characters[]

The process of making a character is quite simple, in the first part of the process, you select the sex of the character (only makes a difference for the player character in romances and a few situations), give the character a name and select a sirname. The other options are only cosmetic. When you are satisfied with the character appearance, you select next (bottom right of the screen) to go to the Stats & Skill tab.

Stats & Skills[]

Secondary statistic Basic Minimal score (1 in each stat)
Hitpoints 80 84
Accuracy 50% 55%
Block chance 10% 12%
Critical hits 0% 1%
Damage reduction 0% 1%
Physical resistance 10% 12%
Mental resistance 10% 12%
Stamina 12 16

When you are at the stats and skill tab, the character already has a score of 5 in each primary stat and four points left to distribute, which gives you 29 stats points in total to divide over the five skills. The player character starts out with 50 skill points, mercenaries have more skill points available depending on the total skill points earned by the player during the game

The primary stats determine which abilties a character may use, but they don't determine which items you can or can't wear. For example, you can wield bows while you have a perception of 1 point, but you don't have access to the related skill and your max. accuracy is very low.

Since there are no opportunities to improve your primary stats in the game or to alter the distribution later of a character, you must carefully select each score. For more information, see the Stats page on this wikia.

Primary stats and skills The table below shows to which skills you have access with a certain minimal score in a primary statis is met. The utility skills are not mentioned, since all those skills don't have any primary stat requirements. The passive skills are only mentioned if they have a primary stat requirement.

Primary stat

Score 0

Always access

Score 4 Score 6
Strength Unarmed. Axe, dane-axe, sword, stun and throwing.
Endurance Shield and protect.
Finesse Knive, spear, dual-wielding, feint, snaring and quick feet.
Perception Bow, sling, crippling shot, spot traps. Keen eye, Walk your shots.
Sense Benediction, Galder, Leadership, Witchcraft Healing