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Champion is one of the six Native classes in Expeditions: Conquistador and can be compared with a soldier. While soldiers have skills for defence purposes, champions have skills which boosts their melee offensive and combined with their higher base damage scores, they are probably the best unit at dealing melee damage. But their higher damage comes at a price, as the base damage at 20% is 5 percent-points lower than soldiers have to offer.

In case units are out of melee range, they can use blowguns or bows to shoot at enemies at distances. But due to their poorr base accuracy, which is the same as for doctors and scholars and their lack of access to arquebuses, champion are considered the worst ranged units available. And their movement of four hexes, compared to six in median, makes champion, just as soldiers the least mobile units.

When it comes to camping, the highest score in guarding or patrolling is possible if the highest rank for this unit is veteran.

Class abilities[]

Image Name Effect Action Cooldown
Stun Stuns the target for one turn and deal 25% of melee damage. Attack 2 turns
Charge For each hex the user moves forward to attack with this skill, melee damage is boosted by 5% Attack ? turns.
Swipe Unit unleashed at an attack which inflicts normal damage on the unit in which is the target and the two units standing in the adjacent hexes of the target who are also in melee of the user of this skill (half-circle attack). Attack


Passive skills advice[]

Depending on your needs in combat, it's adviced to either pick the following passive skills

Offensive (melee)[]

In case you would like to improve the offensive skills at melee of a champion with passive skills, it's adviced to the passive skills: strider, which improves mobility by one hex and increases the possible damage from charge slightly. Keen Eye improves the average amount of damage, due to be able to ignore a few points of damage reductions.



In the table below you can find information about equipment access for each rank.

Rank Melee weapon Ranged Weapon Armour
Recruit 3 slots. 3 slots. 10 slots.
Men-at-arms 7 slots. 7 slots. 15 slots.
Veteran 10 slots. 10 slots. 20 slots.
Sergeant 10 slots. 10 slots. 20 slots.
Lieutenant 10 slots. 10 slots. 20 slots.


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