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Carrion Eaters is a short sidequest which can be starting when you enter the Doncoirre Homestead during A Gaelic Alliance. After finding the survivors and Fingualla ingen Donncoirce, her bodyguard Bressal will mention that the burned homestead is being looted by scavengers who are looking for valuables which survived the flames. Bressal wants you to remove the looters by either convincing them to leave or by using force.

With 3 diplomacy, you can strike a deal with them to leave the area in return for 400 valuables. With high Strength, you can knock out the leader and fight the four remaining looters. Else you have to fight all five of them.With a good starting position, you should be able to incapacitate three of them in the first turn and the remaining opponents in the next.

After you have removed the looters one way or the other, return to Bressal. He gives you his thanks and his sword as a reward.


  • 3 skill points.
  • 20 reputation with the Gaels faction.
  • Generic Pattern-welded Broadsword (33-39 damage, 9 ap and 1.3x critical multiplier)