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The campsites achievements guide will describe how player can earn the achievements Eviction and Hostile Takeover. For both achievements, you need to visit every occupied campsite in either Denmark or Britannia to earn this achievement. Usually, the occupied campsites are better campsites, so it beneficial to clear them if they are on a certain route and the hird needs rest.

Denmark: Eviction[]


All the campsites in Denmark have to be visited during the first act, as there is no adventure in Denmark after this act. In total, eight camps have to be visited to gain the achievement.

A total of four hostile camps can be found in the south-eastern direction from Skjern and Erlingr's Farm. In order to gain the campsite achievement of Denmark, you have to clear the following campsites:

  • Forest Clearing (1), slightly off the route you take to travel from Ribe to the Marsh. You must fight a pack of six wolves.
  • Forest Clearing (2), northeast of Ribe. The camp is inhabitated by a group of civilians and untrained brawlers and rogues. The fight should be simple.
  • Forest Clearing (3), 8 hours northeast of Skerninge. Occupants consists of trained and skilled warriors in ranged and close combat. This should be the toughest camp to beat of the eight.
  • Marsh Hill (1), 4 hours northwest of Ribe.
  • Marsh Hill (2), few hours east of Skjern Forest and second camp of the southeastern line. You must fight a pack of eight wolves.
  • Plain Hills (1), east of Skjern and southeast of Erlingr's Farm, first camp in the southeas line. Inhabitants are trained men with decent equipment, but they should not be a big threat after a finishing a quest such as Preparations: The Motley Hird.
  • Plain Hills (2), further southeast of Skjern, Erlingr Farm and third camp in the southeast line. Camp is inhabitated by eight trained men with good equipment. Caution is advised. For some reason, they will not attack, until hirdmembers are near the tents. This behavior might be due to traps.
  • Plain Hills (3), northwest of Skerninge, on the same island. The camp is occupied by a mixed group of equipped and skilled men, along with poorly trained and equipped civilians.

Britannia: Hostile Takeover[]

Achievement-Hostile Takeover.jpg

Like Denmark, all camps in Britannia have to be visited as well during the second act, but there are far more camps than Denmark. The total amount of camps is ???. They can be found in three regions.

North (Perth, Ravine and Donncoirce Homestead)[]

Most of them can be unlocked by following the Picts storyline up to the quest A Gaelic Alliance.

  • Forest campsite (2), half a day south of Perth near the eastern road.
  • Roadside campsite (2), south of Perth on the eastern road.
  • Plains tree campsite (2), south of Perth in the middle of the plains surrounded by forests.
  • Forest campsite (3), southwest of Seahenge.
  • Swamp campsite (1), south of Seahenge.
  • Mountain Plateau (1), east of the Ravine area.
  • Mountain Plateau (2), northeast of the Donncoirce Homestead.

Middle (Yngilwood and Dun Phris)[]

  • Plains hill campsite (1), about 10 hours due north of Yngilwood, in the middle of nowhere between the two roads. The campers are two skilled civilian and three warriors. This should be an easy victory.
  • Roadside campsite (1), between the mountain ranges northwest of Yngilwood on the northwestern road.
  • Plains tree campsite (1), due north of the roadside camp (1) mentioned above.
  • Swamp campsite (2), east of Swamp area. The Swamp area is added during The Mercian Connection.
  • Forest campsite (4), southwest of Dun Phris, which is added to the Britannia map by starting Fort of the Thicket.

South (Scarborough and Eoforwic)[]

  • Forest campsite (1), southwest of Scarborough and northeast of Eoforwic (York). It's occupied by a group of warriors and civilians. The campsite itself has multiple traps waiting for an uncareful hirdman.
  • Plains tree campsite (1), northeast of Legacaestir (Chester), which requires Ghosts of the Empire to add the area to the Britannia map.