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Expeditions: Viking Wiki

This guide information of all cairns (or standing stones) and crosses you can find in Expeditions: Viking, so you may earn the three related achievements or some extra skill points, as you gain one point for every cairn found and knocked down.

Cairns in general are only one in an area, unless it's a large area explore. Then there are more cairns to find.

Cairns Denmark[]

Number Area Location


Skjern Cairn can be found in the graveyard, northeast in the area.


Erlingr's Farm In the centre of the southern edge of the area, you can find the cairn, close to an old fire, which is still smoking.
3. Skjern Forest It can be found near a large tree near the centre of the map, located northwest of the elm tree in the south.
4. Ribe In the northeastern part of the area, head to the waymarker. From the waymarker, travel east to the next house. In the backyard of that house, you find the cairn near a firepit which is slightly smoking.
5. Ribe In the northern part of Ribe, there is a temple for the Aesir. From the entrance, go to the opposite side of the building. The cairn is close to the wall hidden in the shadow.
6. Ribe The third cairn can be found south in the area. From the smith, go west to the house with a large plot around it, which is close to the pond. The cairn can be found between two small sheds.
7. Marsh One cairn can be found west in the area, near the edge of the map.
8. Skerninge One cairn can be found northwest in the area. From Danr Ebberson, follow the unhardened road north. Not that far away, you find the cairn on your left side of the road.
9. Skerninge From the meeting site, go south east to find the cairn in the woods.
10. Jelling Cairn can be found near the road which leads to the gates. Does not count for the wayfarer achievement.

Cairns Britain[]

Number Area Location


Scarborough From the waymarker in the east, follow the path west back to the village. The cairn is behind a stone fence close to the waymarker near the road.
2. Eoforwic (York) From the starting point, go to the north take the first crossroad right and follow the unhardened road east. When you come across the next crossing, you find the cairn close to the low stone walls.
3. Yngilwood From the centre of the camp, head west until you come across an area with rocks. The cairn is hidden in that area and it is especcially difficult to locate during dusk, night and dawn.
4. Perth The cairn can be found near the smith Drest mac Gordain south near the town.
5. Mac Domnaill's Farm The cairn can be found in the northeastern corner.
6. Seahenge The cairn can be found in the northeastern corner of the area.
7. Donncoirce Homestead The cairn can be found near the spawning point. From the runestone, it's on the other side on the road.
8. Legacaestir (Chester) The cairn can be found in between the ruined hunter's house and the altar near the spawning point in the area. The area is added to the map during the quest Ghosts of the Empire.
9. Roadside Camp Located in the northeastern corner of the area, a few metres away from the corpse with the knive Corpsefreer still planted in the chest of the victim.
10. Swamp Near the abandoned tent southwest in the area.
11. Fishing Village Cairn is located near the cliffside on the on the beach.
12. Lindisfarne Cairn can be found in front of the stone fence of the church, close to the path which leads to the western beach.
13. Dun Phris Cairn can be found on a rock surface near the river, close to a fallen tree.
14. Hadrian's Wall Near the eastern waymarker, you will find the cairn near the unhardened road.


The crosses can only be found in Britain. You can find only one cross per area, with the exception of Scarborough, where you can find two of them.

Number Area Location


Scarborough Near the entrance of the house of the mayor.
2. Scarborough In the middle of the monastery. Access to the monastery can be gained during Parsley Sage Rosemary Thyme or after the quest, but it will turn the village into a hostile place. Alternately if you move your party to the wall/gate just north of the monastery enough of the Fog of War will be removed to expose the cross and allow you to click on it. You do NOT need to enter the monastery or turn the town against you to collect this one.
3. Lindisfarne

Cross can be found in front of the church.

4. Perth In the centre of the town, close to the hall of king Caustantin mac Fergusa.
5. Eoforwic (York) The cross can be found near the docks of Eoforwic.
6. Yngilwood The cross can be found north in the area near the center of the northwestern edge of the area.
7. Swamp Cross can be found near the road, close to the tower.
8. Dun Phris In the centre of the town. Does NOT require completing Fort of the Thicket. If you move close to the walls of the camp, enough of the fog of war is revealed to allow you to click on the cross without needing to enter. Using Highlight All [default left Alt] helps to locate it.
9. Ravine Cross can be found near the area where the pyreflies are. Area is added to the map during Wisdom of the Ancients.
10. Donncoirce Homestead In the centre of the burnt down homestead. Area is added to the map at the start of A Gaelic Alliance.