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Caeso's Musculata is a piece of heavy armour solely for Caeso Quinctius Aquilinus, who joins the party at the start of the game with this armour already equipped. In the first instance, it's a piece of worn armour at rank I, and thus of poor quality. With the addition of an Armoury to the Legion Outpost and the side quest A Better Lorica providing instruction and hints, it's possible to dismantle the worn armour and then reforge it as an unique piece of armour of outstanding quality.

It has the unique property of bestowing the Indomitable Status effect, which allows the unit to act for one more turn when taken down.


Ranks Resistances Fixed




Crafting / upgrade materials
Worn ?? 1 armour.

0 N.a.
I 12-15

1-2 armour.

1 armour cap.

II 13-16

10-13 (max).

2-3 armour.

1 random affix.

2-3 armour cap.

  • Caeso's armour plate
  • Heavy armour rings
  • 76 Regular salvage
  • 28 Good salvage
  • 8 Pristine salvage
III 14-17

13-16 (max).

3-4 armour.

2-3 armour cap.

  • Caeso's armour plate
  • Heavy armour rings
  • 124 Regular salvage
  • 60 Good salvage
  • 15 Pristine salvage

In-game description[]