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Buried Past is a personal sidequest of Ketill Kolbjarnarson which is started as a random event when you visit the campsite during the second act. He will mention that he is not a Kolbjarnarson during the conversation. In fact, he thinks that he and his sister were taken from a village in Britannia by the vikings of the thegn's father about twenty years ago.

Now that he is back, there are some things which remind him of his past and it explains why Ketill could understand the angry mob during Parsley Sage Rosemary Thyme. Since he has only his sister's necklace as a clue where he might be from, he suggests that the party should head to Perth and find someone there who knows to whom the necklace belonged. His sister's necklace is then added to the inventory as talisman and quest item.


There are only two people who to whom you can show the necklace, Uallach and the smith in Perth. Using the level 4 diplomacy with the blacksmith results in loosing 5 reputation points with the Picts.


From Perth, you should head north to the Plains area to find the house of the Lachlans family. Upon entering the area, you encounter an old man, who is Ketill's uncle, in front of the house. He will recognize Ketill as Cathal from twenty years ago. When Ketill asks about what happened to his parents, he mentions that they were killed by the vikings who took Ketill and his sister after they raided the house.

Their graves are behind the house. After reading the gravestone, he places the necklace of his sister on it. After that, he is finally agrees that he is no Kolbjarnarson and that he should have new sirname or a byname instead. The new one depends on the decision which the player makes. You can pick the following names:

  • Lachlansson.
  • mac Lachlian.

Or you can choose one of the bynames:

  • West-man
  • Bow-swayer
  • the Keen
  • the Wolf
  • Good-cheer
  • the Handsome


This quest does not give you any rewards when completed.


Achievement-Buried Past.jpg

You get the Buried Past achievement.