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Bestia's Plumata is the personal and unique medium body armour from Bestia Tabat and can only be worn by him. It can be made from dismantling Bestia' old armour and then reforging it at the Legion Outpost armoury.

It has the unique trait of returning half of the amount of focus points spend on the attack killing a foe. The unique armour will changed it's name every increases in rank.


Depending on the rank, it has the following names:

  • Gladiator plumata
  • Bestarium plumata
  • ??? plumata
Resistances Focus maximum
I, worn N.a.
I, unique

In-game description[]

This characteritiscally cobbled together armour lorica plumata has saved Bestia's life many times in the arena. Each peice of its represents a story of survival and thriumph.