'The surviving raiders have turned up in Ribe. This is your chance at revenge, if you want it.'
Best Served Cold is a sidequest that can be activated in the village of Ribe, by encountering remnants of the raiding party that attacked your homestead in the prologue, on one of the many piers. Bringing Gunnarr along adds flavour to the quest, as well as taking out one of the enemy combatants before the fight begins.

  • Selecting "The gods have given us another chance..." gains morale for your aggressive followers, but loses morale for the peaceful ones.
  • Selecting "Killing these people will not..." gains morale for peaceful followers, but loses morale for aggressive ones.

Once all the hostiles are taken out, your followers will discuss what to do with the ship; whether to break it down for it's resources or to sell it to a buyer. The quest then directs you to the market for it's conclusion. The merchant Trana Naesbjarnardottir is willing to buy the boat for 1200 valuables. With 1 diplomacy, her offer is raised to 1500.

By talking to Gnypli Skavidarson, you can scrap the ship for wood. You can either split the amount of wood or give them the job to scrap it for 500 valuables. The first options nets you 100 wood and the second 200.

Reward Edit

  • 3 Skill Points
  • 10 Reputation with the Northmen after taking out the raiders.
  • 100 wood or 200 wood at the cost of 500 valuables or 1500 valuables
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