Expeditions: Viking Wiki

Barricades are utility items which can be made with the tinkering skill. It can be used during battle by adding it to the utility slot of a party member.

Strategic use[]

Barricades can be used to provide a place of shelter where archers and vulnerable support units can hide behind. They can also be used to make a passage more narrow, so you can fight the enemy in more favourable conditions. Barricades can also be used to block a passage completely, so that they enemy must walk around or spend some turns to take it down.


In case that a barricade is used against you, you can do the following things, apart from taking down the barricade with melee weapons:

  • Use ranging shot to inflict the status effect spotted. Since a barricade is a low obstacle, enemies can no longer hide behind the barricade.
  • Burn down the barricade with fire arrows or fire pots. Since barricades are made of wood and rope, they are flammable (not tested).