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The island of Avalon is an area which is unlocked at the end of the The Isle of Apples, reaching this island completes the quest. The island itself is a legend and its existance is debated, including the location. It is inhibatitated by the decendants of the Lady of the Lake. Avalon can be found on the western side of Britain takes a long amount of time to travel to. From Eoforwic, it takes 4 days and 13 hours of sailing to reach the island (from Perth 3 days and 22 hours). In case you want to finish the quest and due to the limited amount of time available, it is recommended to sail to the island only once and finish all tasks on the island in one visit.


On the island, there is one shopped run by Nyneve, who sells and buys item at charitable prices, which one of the very few merchants who trades at such favourable prices, apart from the traders of the homestead. If you plan on taking Excalibur for yourself, you should buy all hides, salvage and sell other resources to the trader for valuables before taking the sword.


  • On the armor stand inside the shop, you can find the Ancient Armour. This set of armor can be taken from stand without angering the people of the island.
  • Inside the shop, there is a large chest which contains which contains a net trap and wool gripped sling (rank 4).
  • Behind the grave of King Arthur, you can find a small chest with 1000 valuables and something else.
  • You can also loot the grave of the legendary king, but when you take Excalibur, you won't be able to take the sword without injuring yourself. Since you didn't take the sword without trouble, the inhabitants see this as proof that you are not successor of Arthur and they will attack you. After the attack, there are not many reasons to return. You gain 5 skill points for winning the battle.
  • Excalibur can be taken from the grave without injuring and angering the guardians. This requires the player character to be the king of Orkneyjar, Northumbria and Pictland, thus the danelaw approach for the homestead and the completion of Great Heathen Army.


  • The music which plays on this island is similiar to Epilogue: Pax Romana.
  • Avalon means in the some of the languages used in the British Isles literally the isle of fruit (or apples).

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