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Attack of Opportunity is a combat mechanic which punishes moving units who move out of a hex while standing adjacent to one or multiple enemies. The enemy, when wielding a melee weapon, is allowed to deal one attack of opportunity each turn.

This can be used to the advantage of the player, by engaging Sagittari in melee, by preventing units from performing a skill which triggers such attacks and by inflicting status effects which force the unit to move.

Players may also decide to take a blow with a princeps or another unit with a high armour rating in order to gain more opportunities for unit placements in a turn.

Classes and attacks of opportunity[]

  • Princeps have the passive skill Opportunist which adds the status effect of weakened with the first rank, and stunned with the second attack.
  • Saggitarius have the skill Assist, which triggers allies to deal such an attack.
  • Triarii with the passive skill Interference may attack one enemy dealing damage to ally in their range as attack of opportunity.

Skills provoking opportunistic attacks[]

  • Saggitari attacking another enemy adjacent with a bow triggers an attack of opportunity.
  • The Inspire and Revive skill from the Triarius trigger an attack.
  • The Taunt skill can be used to taunt enemies and letting allies attack the taunted unit along its path.

Preventing attacks of opportunity[]

  • The Unarmed skill Distracting Blow which Triarius have, can be used to remove the opportunity
  • Placing units out of service (temporarily) with status effects, such as knock-down, stun, delirious, panicked and routed.

Items with traits involving attacks of opportunity[]

  • The sword Harpe increases the amount of attacks to two attacks each turn.