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'A ragtag group of ruffians ambushed you in the streets of Ribe. One of them carried an exotic foreign necklace.'

Assassins! is a sidequest that can be activated in the village of Ribe, by walking into an ambush near the blacksmith with some fairly high leveled hostiles. Upon defeating them, you'll find that they dropped a necklace with strange markings, so investigating that is what you're tasked to do. If Gunnarr is with you upon finding it, he will tell you it looks very familiar and that you should ask around the market about it.

Investigation on the necklace[]

There are a number of people you can question about the necklace, some giving more help than others.

  • Telling Ragnhildr about the ambush and necklace will get her to reveal that it could hold religious significance, and that the Gydja might know more about it.
  • Questioning Svana in the Gydja temple tells you that it's not a medallion belonging to her religion, and to ask around the harbour as they travel to other lands.
  • Showing the necklace to the blacksmith Hannar gets him to tell you that he believes a lady in the market might know about it, as they've travelled far and wide.


The person you want to find to end the quest is standing along the harbour; he was paid by someone with a diadem bearing the same marking as that on the medallion. You can threaten him with Gunnarr to say more or offer 100 valuables, which he rises to 200 but you can use diplomacy to keep it at 100.

Threatening him with Gunnarr loses you 1 reputation with Ribe.


  • 3 Skill Points