'You came across the remains of a man with an axe in his back and no signs of battle. His death remains a mystery.'
An Axe to Grind is a sidequest that can be started by inspecting a body laying beside the river just outside the walls of Scarborough, after completing the quest Parsley Sage Rosemary Thyme peacefully.

You have two tasks to begin with; asking around about the man and his death, and searching the dingy close to where the body was found. Go ahead and search the dingy, and you'll find a sack of resources which you are able to loot.

Just on the other side of the wall where the body is located, is a woman named Alvina. Initiate a conversation with her and question her about the body. She will call over a boy, who has been practising his axe throwing, and had unintentionally thrown one over the wall and killed the man. At this point, you can give them the sack you found on the dingy. This gains morale with your altruistic followers, but loses morale with the greedy ones, and you also lose the contents of the sack. Finishing this conversations ends the quest.

Reward Edit

  • 5 Reputation with Northumbria
  • The contents of the sack
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