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Amazons are one of the six native classes in Expeditions: Conquistador. When compared to other clases, the Amazon can be best compared to hunters and trappers, as they share the same base ranged accuracy, defense and movement. But that's where the similarities end, as the Amazon is also very effective in melee damage, since they deal 45 base damage with daggers compared to 20 of hunters and trappers

The amazons also have more skills which can be used in melee combat, while the others have skills mostly used in ranged combat. But unlike those classes, the amazon has no access to light armour and can only use five equipment for armour.

This unit can either master patrolling or hunting if limited to veteran rank.

Class abilities[]

Image Name Effect Action Cooldown
Acrobatic Strike Attacks the enemy and simultaneously moves one hex away from the enemy. Attack ? turns
Poison Sting Normal ranged which deals the status effect of poison if it hits. Attack ? turns
Deft Strike Deals an attack which ignores defenses when it comes to damage calculations. Especially useful against heavy armoured units such as soldiers and champions. Full ? turns


Passive skills advice[]

Depending on your needs in combat, it's adviced to either pick the following passive skills.

Offensive (melee)[]

Defence and melee offensive[]


In the table below you can find information about equipment access for each rank.

Rank Melee weapon Ranged Weapon Armour
Recruit 3 slots. 3 slots. 5 slots.
Men-at-arms 7 slots. 7 slots. 5 slots.
Veteran 10 slots. 10 slots. 5 slots.
Sergeant 10 slots. 10 slots. 5 slots.
Lieutenant 10 slots. 10 slots. 5 slots.

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