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On this page, all achievements which can be earned in the game Expeditions: Rome, are mentioned. There are a total of sixty achievements, of which five are hidden.

Achievements (vanilla Rome)[]

Picture Achievement Requirements Advice
Patronus.jpg Patronus Meet Consul Lucius Licinius Lucullus. Complete Pirates on the Mediterranean.
Legatus Legionis.jpg Legatus Legionis Gain command of Legio Victrix.
Para Bellum.jpg Para Bellum If you want peace, you should prepare for war.
Pax Romana.jpg Pax Romana Restore all of Asia Minor to Roman control. Pacify every region during Act I: Asia Minor. See Conquest: Asia Minor for more information.
Regina Aegypti.jpg Regina Aegypti Meet the rightful Queen of Egypt. Complete the storyline quest The Egyptain Queen.
Carthago Delenda Est.jpg Carthago Delenda Est Furthermore, I consider that Nasamones must be conquered. Complete Coming on Strong by taking the city of Awjila.
XVII.jpg XVII Learn the ominous meaning of The Number of Death. See The Number of Death side quest for more information about gaining this achievement.
Lex Talionis.jpg Lex Talionis The Law demands an eye for an eye. Pacify every Egyptian region during The Conquest of Africa.
Bellum Gallicum.jpg Bellum Gallicum Begin the war in Gaul. Finish the storyline quests Supply Lines in the third act.
Sanguinem Sacrificium.jpg Sanguinem Sacrificium The gods demand a tribute in blood. Refuse to sacrifice a human life to the war gods of Gaul, and instead choose to cut out your eye in sacrifice to Esus. Either due to bugs, it can also be finished any other way and still gain the achievement.

See The End of the Aedui for more information.

Veni, Vidi, Vici.jpg Veni, Vidi, Vici You came, you saw, and you have conquered. Complete The Conquest of Gaul. Conquering all regions is not necessary.
Quinctius Cincinnatus.jpg Quinctius Cincinnatus Retire to your farm or remain active in Roman politics. At the start of Act IV: Rome, choose not to cross the Rubicon with your legion. Then defeat Lurco in the Senate, and choose to either retire to your farm or remain active in Roman politics.
Marcus Antonius.jpg Marcus Antonius Willingly exile yourself from Rome. During Act IV: Rome, either:
  • Cross the Rubicon with your Legion, defeat Lurco, and choose to exile yourself.
  • Disband your Legion at the Rubicon, defeat Lurco in the Senate, and attack him when he is holding your friends hostage. When your friends visit you in prison, choose to accept their offer of releasing you and go into exile.
Junius Brutus.jpg Junius Brutus Sacrifice your life for your friends. During Act IV: Rome, either:
  • Cross the Rubicon with your Legion, defeat Lurco, and choose to surrender yourself to the Senate
  • Disband your Legion at the Rubicon, defeat Lurco in the Senate, and attack him when he is holding your friends hostage. When your friends visit you in prison, choose to reject their offer of releasing you.
Gaius Octavius.jpg Gaius Octavius Become Dictator for life. During Act IV: Rome, cross the Rubicon with your Legion, defeat Lurco, then choose to crown yourself Emperor/Empress.
Julius Caesar.jpg Julius Caesar Finish the game on Medium difficulty or higher.
Pompeius Magnus.jpg Pompeius Magnus Finish the game on Hard difficulty or higher.
Licinius Crassus.jpg Licinius Crassus Finish the game on Insane difficulty.
Ego Sum Spartacus!.jpg Ego Sum Spartacus! Complete the game in Iron Man mode.
Morituri te Salutant.jpg Morituri te Salutant Complete the game with Combat Death turned on.
Prima Facie.jpg Prima Facie Recruit Deianeira to your party. She can be recruited in the Gladiator school in Thracia during the storyline quest Morituri te Salutant.
Arcana Imperii.jpg Arcana Imperii Become the Proconsul of Egypt. See the Spoils of War quest for more information about gaining this achievement and the requirement for setting it in motion.
De Legibus.jpg De Legibus Learn a second rhetorical technique from Cicero. Can be done in Rome before finishing Act I: Asia Minor, by visiting the Senate and speaking to Cicero. Conditions for convincing Cicero to teach you a second rhetorical skill are unknown.
Pater Familias.jpg Pater Familas Marry Cato. Must be female. He will approach you after Act II: Africa, before starting Act III: Gallica
Post Coitum.jpg Post Coitum Sleep with Cleopatra. Must be male
Amor Vincit Omnia.jpg Amor Vincit Omnia Complete a romance. Caeso Quinctius Aquilinus, Julia Calida, Deianeira, and Bestia Tabat are the romancable preatorians. Cleopatra and Cato also count towards the achievement. See the Romance guide for more information.
Citius Altius Fortius.jpg Citius Altius Fortius Complete The Olympian.
Familia Supra Omnia.jpg Familia Supra Omnia Complete Family Reunion.
In Loco Parentis.jpg In Loco Parentis Complete Damsels in Distress.
Collige Virgo Rosas.jpg Collige Virgo Rosas Complete Marticide.
Pede Poena Claudo.jpg Pede Poena Claudo Complete The Third Man.
Memento Mori.jpg Memento Mori Complete Afterlife Travel Guide. Translation: reminder of mortality.
Audi, Vide, Tace.jpg Audi, Vide, Tace Complete The Golden Wolf.
Legio Patria Nostra.jpg Legio Patria Nostra Complete The Tax Collectors.
Magnum Opus.jpg Magnus Opus Complete A Menhir for Divitiacus.
Abundans Cautela Non Nocet.jpg Abundans Cautela Non Nocet Finish a combat encounter without taking any health damage. There are a few combat encounters in the game that simply don't involve combat - for example, during Act IV: Rome, if you choose to disband your Legion, Lurco will set your villa on fire. The only source of damage during this encounter is the fire - and that is easy to avoid.
Causa Mortis.jpg Causa Mortis Kill/Incapacitate an enemy by cutting of all limbs Critical hit an enemy with low health to dismember.
Damnum Absque Injuria.jpg Damnum Absque Injuria Incapacitate an enemy with the damage from Rebuke. Simply use a Sagittarius character to use Rebuke on an enemy at low health.
Morior Invictus.jpg Morior Invictus Incapacitate an enemy shieldbearer without dealing damage to their shield Possible with Greek fire and Torch. Also possible using Precise Stab with certain spears. Units with the Status Hunkering Down can be killed indiscriminately from behind without damaging the shield as well.
Tuebor.jpg Tuebor Incapacitate an enemy with an Attack of Opportunity. Taunt an enemy who is engaged in hand-to-hand combat, or route an enemy next to one of your praetorians.
Accipe Hoc.jpg Accipe Hoc Incapacitate 3 or more units with one catapult strike. Easiest to do if you choose to cross the Rubicon with your Legion during Act IV: Rome, during your assault on the Senate.

Possible to do in siege of Chalkedon, Ajwila, Alesia and Senate assault.

Ante Omnia Armari.jpg Ante Omnia Armari Start a figth with every weapon type equipped with every type of weapon in the game. Weapons types are: Staves, Pikes, Swords, Daggers, Shields, and Bows
Mors Tua Vita Mea.jpg Mors Tua Vita Mea Perform a takedown with every type of weapon in the game. See the Mors Tua Vita Mea section of the Skill combination tactics guide for a possible method. This has not been tested yet.
Cum Gladio Et Sale.jpg Cum Gladia Et Sale Shred 10 points of armor from the same character. Certain boss encounters have enough armor to accomplish this. The Spartan boss from the Pacification:Cavern in Asia Minor qualifies as well.
Per Pedes.jpg Per Pedes Move 42 or more hexes in a single turn The Marathon skill from Veles makes this easy.
Festina Lente.jpg Festina Lente Perform five or more attacks in a single turn. For achieving five or more attacks, it's advised to use the following things:
  • Killing untrained recruits.
  • Inspire Talent from the Triarius (or three Triarii or more in a single turn)
  • Veles or Saggitarius characters (more opportunities for attacks)
Oderint Dum Metuant.jpg Oderint Dum Metuant Fully break morale of more than 5 enemies in a single encounter. It's adviced to use skills which lower morale and to soften multiple characters for a one-hit kill in a single turn. Killing leaders (with laurels in their portrait) is also suggested for general decreasing of morale.
Semper Paratus.jpg Semper Paratus Use more than 5 consumables in a single encounter. Sieges are the most likely battles which require hihg usage of Tactical items. A free option for gaining the achievement fast is equipped three Water jugs and use them in any battle, as they don't have a replenishment cost.
Nil Per Os.jpg Nil Per Os Complete an encounter while both starving and dehydrated. It's adviced to do this on easy mode. Depleting of water takes about a week of travelling without restocking. Starving is accomplished by selling all Rations or having only 216 rations or less and then setting out to travel.
Nec Aspera Terrent.jpg Nec Aspera Terrent Complete an encounter with 6 people on your team but no Heavy class characters. Finish an encounter with just Veles and Sagittarius characters.
Aut Viam Inveniam Aut Faciam.jpg Aut Viam Inveniam Aut Faciam Unlock every legion battle Stratagem. Having an unimportant Praetorian assigned to the arsenal every time you visit your camp makes this a trivial achievement to get.
Iuncta Iuvant.jpg Iuncta Iuvant Have character assigned to each outpost assignment at the same time It's not required to have all 3 hospital slots filled - having a single person in the hospital is enough.
Ad Altiora Tendo.jpg Ad Altiora Tendo Construct all Legion outpost buildings This doesn't require you to fully upgrade all the buildings, only to have them built. The buildings are: Legatus' tent, barracks, smithy, hospital, baths, and arsenal.
Non Plus Ultra.jpg Non Plus Ultra Fully upgrade all legion outpost buildings Assuming you capture all the resources during Act I: Asia Minor and Act II: Africa, this can be achieved by capturing 2 - 3 regions during Act III: Gallica.

Death and Glory DLC[]

In this section, the achievement of the Death and Glory DLC are described.

Picture Achievement Requiements Advice

Hidden achievements[]

In this section, there is information about the hidden achievement. These remain hidden in the game platform until the achievement is gained. There are a total of five hidden achievements.

Picture Achievement Requiements Advice
Ophidia In Herba.jpg Ophidia In Herba Attempt to poison Mithridates. During Hostage Exchange with Mithridates VI Eupator during Act I: Asia Minor, either convince your host to poison the king or poison him yourself.
Cedere Nescio.jpg Cedere Nescio Fight an army of 300,000 and lose. Lose any Legion battle during Act I: Asia Minor
Ab Antiquo.jpg Ab Antiquo Reforge Tutankhamon's dagger. The dagger can be found in a pyramid during Act II: Africa, when confronting Legion XVII members in their hideout. See The Number of Death quest for more information.
Romani Ite Domum.jpg Romani Ite Domum Fight and kill Albinus in Gaul. In order to get this achievement, you need to:
  1. Prevent Albinus from collecting taxes in the Troas fishing village village during Act I: Asia Minor in Romani Ite Domum.
  2. Prevent Albinus from enslaving Berbers in the Court of Heaven during Act II: Africa in Contempt of Court.
  3. Confront Albinus and his gang in the Gallic village during Act III: Gallica in the quest Respice Finem.
Miserere Nobis.jpg Miserere Nobis Side with Theophilus at Mysia. Can be done in the quest Divide and Conquer. After luring Theophilus to the Mountain Top area with a false message, side with him.