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Like many other games, Expeditions: Conquistador has achievements which a player can gain when doing certains tasks under specific circumstances. There are sixty achievements in total, of which five or seven are hidden. The normal achievements are explained in the first section of this page, while the five or seven hidden achievements are explained in the second section.


Image Achievement name Conditions Advise
Wake-Up Call Lose the first tutorial battle. The easiest way to lose the tutotial battle is by ending your turn without giving orders to combatants until the party is defeated.
The Bigger They Are Defeat Esteban Gallego during the quest Esteban.
A Friend In Need Save governer Hernando De Mandanezo during the goal Defend Santo Domingo.
Onwards To Glory Cast of for the mainland, finish the last storyline quest and then leave the island.
Among Prickly Pears Discover the city of Tenochtitlan.
La Noche Triste Start the battle for Tenochtitlan.
Defying History Save emperor Moctezuma II.
Fall Of The Empire Defeat emperor Moctezuma II.
Conquistador Turn against your allies after the battle of Tenochtitlan.
Infected Mushrooms Finish the quest The Gloaming
Don Quijote Finish five sidequest on Hispaniola.
Champion Win all three battles in The Tournament.
Fleet-footed Achieve an flawless victory in an escape battle.
Tactician Achieve fifteen flawless victories in a row on normal or higher difficulties.
Keep your Distance Win a non-tutorial battle without getting in melee distance of an enemy.
Of Pens and Sword Win a non-tutorial battle by only using doctors and / or scholars.
Collateral Damage Hit on of your own units with area of effect (AoE) damage. AoE damage can be received from lanterns or the fire from lanterns, the cannon or hailstorm.
Skull Crusher Deal more than 100 points of damage with a single attack. The best chanche of dealing so much damage, can be with a veteran Warrior, with anticipate opening and flanking and other damage increasing effects. A Champion can sometimes also inflict that amount of damage with a critical hit under good conditions.
Surrounded Kill an enemy with a flanking strike.
Cannon Fodder Kill an enemy with the Cannon.
Pot Shot Score a hit with a ranged attack with a 5% hit chance.
Running the Gauntlet Kill an enemy with an interrupting attack.
The Boot Kick an enemy into a burning or trapped hex. Use the rebuke ability of a Hunter to earn this achievement.
A-Team Enter combat with six party member with a Veteran rank or higher. At least 2400 experience points are needed to earn this achievment.
Juggernaut Let a party members with more than 25 pieces of equipment, enter battle. Promote either a soldier to man-at-arms rank or a hunter to veteran and then give the unit at least 26 pieces of equipment.
Leuitenant Promote an unit to Leuitenant.
A Sorry Bunch Have all your followers injured at the same time.
Close Call Revive an incapacitated unit during combat and keep the unit alive entil the end of battle. A veteran doctor is needed to revive an unit.
Triage Hero Nurse a fatally injured expedition member back to health. Either let a follower become fatally injured by not treating him or cure Isabela de Yruenes after finishing Sacrifice.
El Loco Attack and destroy an native settlement on Hispaniola.
Apocalypse Aid the escaped slaves.
Raider of the Lost Temple Finish the Temple of Death.
Tame the Beast Capture Xochiyohua.
Hogar Dulce Hogar Rebuilt the Fortaleza de Gutiérrez.
Stronghold Fully restore Fortaleza de Gutiérrez to its former glory.
Cartographer Discover all cairns on Hispaniola.
Treading New Ground Discover all cairns in Mexico.
Merchant Trade at all markets in both campaigns in single playthrough.
Historian Complete all 24 codex entries.
Artisan Develop all technologies and craft at least every item once.
Ambassador Finish the quest Jungle Drums without bloodshed.
Mestizo Recruit Isabela de Yruenes.
Building Bridges Marry with the native Cacama or Tayanna. Depends on the gender of the player character.
Don Juan Have a romantic relation with one your party members. Male player characters can romance Citlalli, while female PC's can romance Coyotl.
Diplomatic Asset Recruit Anacaona for your party.
The Beginning Of The End Finish the quest of the Mexican shaman Patli. See The Spotted Curse for more information.
Magnetic Personality Recruit all six natives from Mexico. The natives are Anacaona, Citlalli, Coyotl, Cacama / Tayanna, Necalli and Patli. See The Spotted Curse, Silence Coyotl, Kill Citlalli or Momoztli, Tepictoton's Idol.
The Wrath of God Experience a mutiny.
The Greater Good Sacrifice a follower at the temple of Tenochtitlan.
No Man Left Behind Finish the game without anyone dying during the game. In the Mexico campaign, restore Fortaleza de Gutiérrez and then head back to Spain, while any follower is still alive, is the easiest way of earning this achievement in non-Ironman games.
Ecstasy of Gold Bring at least 50,000 Valuables to the docks when you go to Spain. The best way is to stock your valuables at Fortaleza de Gutiérrez until enough is acquired.
Cortés Finish the game on normal difficulty.
Pizarro Finish the game on hard difficulty.
Aquirre Finish the game on insane difficulty.
Masochist Finish an Ironman game on any difficulty.

Hidden achievements[]

There also five hidden achievement which be viewable when you have earned them. The table below will tell you what the five achievements are and how to get them.

Image Achievement Name Conditions Advise
The City of Gold Discover El Dorado. See El Dorado for the details.
The Waters of Rejuvination Discover the Fountain of Youth. The place can be found northwest in the area near Miguel Sicart's home.
The Dog-Headed God Discover the Mayasa volcanic tunnels.
Feminist Have an expeditionary force which consists only of women, including the player character. Best way to earn this achievement is by starting a new playthrough with an all female crew.
Harsh Rationing Make camp without giving any follower rations or meat.