Like many other games, this game has achievements which a player can gain when doing certains tasks under specific circumstances. There are forty achievements in total, of which six are hidden. The 34 normal achievements are explained in the first section of this page, while the 6 hidden achievements are explained in the second section.


Image Achievement Name Conditions Advise
Achievement-Thegn Thegn Defeat the raiders who tried to raid Skjern, you will discuss the expedition to Britannia with Astridr afterwards.
Achievement-2 Rite of Passage You get this achievement after looting the tomb Skerninge. For more details, see the quest page.
TheDragonAchiev The Dragon Awarded once you have chosen the name of your ship at the end of Preparations: The Longship.
Achievement-Viking Viking When you leave the shores of Skjern on your longship the first time, this achievement is yours.
Achievement-Lord of Seals Lord of Seals Finish the quest Lord of Seals.
Achievement-Dear Old Dad Dear Old Dad Finish The Final Expedition.
Achievement-Mocking the Cross Mocking the Cross Knock down all crosses you can find in Britannia. See Cairns & Crosses for more information.
Achievement-Wretched Heathens Wretched Heathens Plunder all five monasteries in Britannia.
Achievement-Wrath of the Northmen Wrath of the Northmen Defeat both the Northumbrians and the Picts by conquering Britannia with the Northmen. See Great Heathen Army for the quest which needs to be completed for the achievement.
Achievement-The Travelling Monk The Travelling Monk Allowing Morcant to join your hird at the end of the quest Parsley Sage Rosemary Thyme will unlock this.
Achievement-Tribal Huntress The Tribal Huntress Allow Aife to join your hird at the start of Mac Taidg Must Die.
Achievement-Buried Past Buried Past Finish Ketill's personal quest Buried Past.
Achievement-Helsott Helsott Finish Nefja's personal quest The Helsott Curse.
Achievement-Freayjas Touch Freyja's Touch Romance Ketill, Nefja, Asleifr or Roskva. You can romance three of the four companions, depending on the sex of the thegn of Skjern.
Achievement-Ambrosius Ambrosius Finish Wisdom of the Ancients by taking Myrddin Emrys to Perth.
Achievement-Damsel in Distress Damsel in Distress Finish A Gaelic Alliance.
Achievement-Flower of Scotland Flower of Scotland Finish The Princess Bride.
Achievement-Rats in the Wall Rats in the Wall Finish the Punching Through quest.
Achievement-Hero of Pictavia Hero of Pictavia Finish Kingslayer.
Achievement-Romani Ite Domum Romani Ite Domum Finish Ghosts of the Empire.
Achievement-False Flag False Flag Finish A Mercian Connection.
Achievement-Hail to the King Hail to the King Finish The Battle of Yngilwood.
Achievement-Mountain of Madness Mountain of Madness Finish the quest Into the Dark.
Achievement-Hero of Northumbria Hero of Northumbria Finish the quest Here's To The Future.
Achievement-Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter Finish Bounties by claiming all five bounties.
Achievement-Living Legend Living Legend Invest at least 300 skill points in any hirdman to unlock this. If you do all available quests, you likely end the game with about 350 skill points.
Achievement-Eviction Eviction Clear out every occupied campsite in Denmark.
Achievement-Hostile Takeover Hostile Takeover Clear out every occupied campsite in Britain.
Achievement-Wayfarer Wayfarer Find all the cairns in Denmark. See Cairns & Crosses for more information.
Achievement-Pathfinder Pathfinder Find all the cairns in Britain. See Cairns & Crosses for more information.
Achievement-Sagas End Saga's End Finish the game on any difficulty.
Achievement-Boneless Boneless Finish the game on medium difficulty or higher.
Achievement-Shaggy-Breeches Shaggy-Breeches Finish the game on hard difficulty or higher.
Achievement-Bloodaxe Bloodaxe Finish the game on the highest difficulty.

Hidden achievementsEdit

There also six hidden rewards which be viewable when you have earned them. The table below will tell you what the six achievements are, how to get them and give more elaborate advise on how to earn those.

Image Achievement name Conditions Advise
Achievement-Ashes to Ashes Ashes to Ashes Find the arsonist of the fire in Ribe. See the Ashes to Ashes page for detailed information.
Achievement-Beowulf Beowulf Finish the game with Ironman mode activated. It is advised to finish the game with an easy or medium difficulty when you attempt to get this achievement. See Ironman mode for the details.
Achievement-Einjerhar Einherjar In the second act, your camp will be visited by a man called Grimnir. When you let him stay at your camp, you be visited by Grimnir three times in your dreams. After completing the third dream, you will receive this achievement.
Achievement-The Isle of Apples The Isle of Apples This achievement will be triggered when you set foot on the isle of Avalon, which can only be reached by boat. It is located southwest on the world map. See the The Isle of Apples page for more information.
Achievement-The Last Legionnaire The Last Legionnaire Wear all the four pieces of Roman equipment at the same moment (can be worn by multiple characters). The four pieces are: Excalibur, the Ancient Armor, the Ancient Helmet and the Ancient Shield. For information on how to acquire the mentioned items, see:

Ghosts of the Empire, The Isle of Apples and The Final Expedition.

Achievement-Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter After you have taken control of Orkneyjar from Steinn the Clever and he is still alive to organise the conquest of Britain, a man called Egill will appear on Orkneyjar. He will tell you the location of the treasure for 2,000 Valuables. After you have looted the last chest in the cave, you will get this achievement. See Lost And Found for more information.